Everybody Thinks Their Company Is Different

by Paul Castain on November 7, 2012

We’d all like to think that we’re bringing something different to the party but then often fail in articulating how?

In the absence of “difference” people will default to price!

Please take a moment to think about these questions.

If people buy difference . . . what’s yours?

Can that difference pass the “So what” test? In other words, is it really a big deal or is it highly probable that someone could say “So what!”

Prove it! What evidence do you have to underscore that difference? You do understand that saying something isn’t enough. Right?

Last, but not least . . . have you ever asked your clients what THEY value most in doing business with YOU and your company?

I would imagine that they are experiencing the awesome difference you’re bringing?

Please share your thoughts?

How does one truly demonstrate DIFFERENCE?

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