For Those About To Rock . . . Show Up First!

by Paul Castain on July 15, 2010

Several months back I was watching the George Lopez show and  low and freakin behold, he had “Slash” jamming away with his band. A week or so later  Slash shows up in some smoky hole in the wall night club and jams with a couple of local dudes, does a radio interview or three and then chills out by showing up and going onstage at another band’s concert.

Not only is it like you died and woke up in Slash Heaven, it’s a powerful lesson in branding. One you and I need to embrace right quick!

People like Slash understand that they need to be seen. They also understand that you can’t be seen if you don’t show up.

But how does the aspiring rock star do that?

It begins with an understanding that there is way too much going on in this world for people ever to have you on the brain! Seriously, things are moving too quickly for them to be sitting around thinking “What is that rascal Uncle Paul up to today?” so you need to get on the radar screen.

But how?

1)   Show up on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. That’s a minimum. Now understand that if that’s all you do, you will die a slow death. Actually, that’s not true, you’ll do what many of us did and probably write it off after about 2-3 months. You need to get in the conversation! You also need to start your own.

2)   Show up on blogs. If you comment on enough blogs and enough of those blogs now link back to your site, you dramatically increase your Googleability! Oh and here’s something else to think about. When you show up on blogs, you gain exposure to that community which in turn can easily come and chill with your community.

3)   Get involved with real, live networking groups in your area. Your mission should be to get on a committee. Why? Because doing so makes you more visible. Try the new business or sales committee if you want to position yourself with new businesses joining the group. Position yourself as a go to person. Ultimately, a board position would really take those efforts over the top.

4)   Get out and tell your story more than the other guy. Start small and do a workshop at your local library. How about a speech at the local chamber? A lunch and learn? A webinar? Puppet show . . . gotcha! Actually, I would definitely buy from someone who did a puppet show for me. 

5)   Get on regular conference calls with 5-6 people from your network. I lay out a mighty cool plan how to do that here

6)   Make it a point to connect “live” with at least 5 people each week from your network. Do it by phone, face to face for coffee or do what I did and spill your hot chocolate all over your pants. Talk about making yourself visible. Yikes!

7)   Keep up your appearances with your accounts. Give some thought to how you will continually stay top of mind with them. Give some thought to how you will be more memorable, compelling and a breath of fresh air. Sales Managers: Sounds like a good topic for an upcoming sales meeting. If you do, I would love for you to shoot me an email with ideas you come up with.

8)   Read the local business journals and “show up” with people who have just been promoted or hired in your target industries. “Show Up” by sending a handwritten congratulatory card. No salesy BS!

9)   “Show Up” by hunting discussions that you need to be a part of on Twitter. You can do so by using

10)               “Show Up” by hunting discussions your prospects and clients are having on their blogs, Twitter etc by using

11)               “Show Up” by actively seeking opportunities to give your value upfront. People get mighty uncomfortable when I say this. We’re not talking about giving away your service for free or becoming an “unpaid consultant” but if you can embrace a personal operating system of helping others, your ROI will be there. Been doing that for 1 ½ years now folks and its worked very well for me.

12)   “Show Up” in the places your target audience goes to like trade associations and industry meetings.

13)               This one is kept under lock and key because it’s a secret that will blow your damn mind. Ready? “Show Up” during the summer when all your competitors are complaining about no one buying. Increase your efforts. It’s the ultimate in showing up because there’s a reduction in overall noise.

Today, you are cordially invited to give thought to how you will “Show Up”

Next week, you start showing up more . . . Deal?


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  • Paul,
    Great read to get my Friday started. I will be passing this along to a rep who just yesterday was talking about it being slow in July.
    Have a great weekend,

  • Paul,

    I always enjoy your blog because you always “Show Up.” Maybe #14 could be “Show up” by writing a blog that people can’t wait to read like Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook. Great article.


  • @ Jamie: Like you, I’ve been hearing that one in the Printing industry for far too long.

    Thanks buddy!


  • @ Teddy: Very nice of you to say that. And you my friend always have a way of showing up on Twitter, blogs etc to offer your kind words and support.

    Rock on Teddy!


  • As we get further along in this life we appreciate more and more the experiences and character traits of people that inspire us. The difference makers motivate us to do what we need to do to be better human beings. Your blog does this for me. Thanks Paul.

  • Paul,
    Can I repost this article on my jobseeker blog?
    It’s as pertinent to jobseekers as those employed… I tell jobseeekers every day they are now in sales.


  • Great post Paul.

    There really are no excuses for NOT getting out there and getting involved.

  • Robert

    It might be better to say: “First, show up”. There are so many social media posts that are there for the sake of focus on “me”. Yes, first show up, but please “Show up best” when you can. Quantity for the sake of quantity is just a bunch of clutter.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the encouragement & nudge to get out there! Good ideas. Keep ’em coming.

  • @ Dan Collins: Nice of you to say that and interestingly enough, if you and I hadn’t “shown up” in social networking we wouldn’t know each other today. Thanks!

    @ Bill Morgan: Feel free to repost on your site. It would be an honor.

    @ Jennings: Very true and our brand depends on it!

    @ Robert: Terrific point and important reminder!

    @ Elizabeth: We never charge for encouragement and nudges . . . my pleasure.

    And thank you all for “showing up” to contribute to this post!

    Paul Castain

  • Great post (as always). I have been away for a while and I have to say that you need to keep showing up not only to be seen, but to keep up! I have not read your blog or participated in any of my social media sites for a few weeks now and I am spending hours just trying to catch up. You really can’t learn anything new or tell anyone about what is new with you if you don’t “show up”.


  • You are the living proof of the wisdom of your words, Pablo. I really needed this to get me off my ample ass. Thanks, Pard.

  • @ Erika: Very true indeed! I learn something new every time I show up. Especially from all you folks who contribute so generously here and in our Linkedin group!

    @ Hank: Hank, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. Trust me when I tell you, the world benefits from Hank Trisler when he shows up! Let’s catch up one day soon amigo!

  • There is not enough time after hours to get anything more accomplished but I discovered there is a coffee shop in Brighton that is a happening place from 7 to 8 in the morning, that’s where you’ll find me networking and getting my jitter on.
    I had an idea the other day to include in every package of material we send out in the month of August a “Thank You” card and envelope, blank, that the recipient can play forward, what do you think? Good idea?

  • What a great read! Thanks for keeping me going, I always forward your ‘Playbook’ emails to all my employees. Keep up the good work and have a kick-ass week!

  • What a great read! Thanks for keeping me going, I always forward your ‘Playbook’ emails to all my employees. Keep up the good work and have a kick-ass week!

  • The world is run by those who show up. Absolutely true.

    Love the comment on telling your story–The Power of Narrative in sales and marketing is a very real thing.

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  • Another home run, Paul. Some of the successes I’ve had in life were because I was there and there on time! Many times, it doesn’t go to the most educated, most qualified, best looking…but to the one who was THERE. Thanks for breaking down all of the advantages of showing up and for sharing as you do…rockin’ weekend and week to all (pre-Chinese New Year!)

  • Hi Paul and thanks for this inspiration!!!!

    I have a saying that i use to capture more opportunities “all roads lead to Rome’ meaning if you are out there enough somehow if it is out there it will find you….what you give you get back in bucketloads.

    Good luck, thanks again Fiona

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