Goals & Positive Thinking Amount To Zilch!

by Paul Castain on July 11, 2013

There was a long stretch of time where I probably set hundreds of goals. Unfortunately, many of them stayed on the pages of my journal. They never came to fruition.

I believe in the power of positive thinking but I feel it’s a bit misleading and at times unrealistic.

I don’t think it’s realistic to focus so much on the positive that you don’t get the loss, the anger, the aggravation etc out of your systems. Sweep that sh*t under the carpet and even though you refuse to see it . . . it still stinks.

I do think you should expect the best out of situation and a positive outcome from your circumstances but . . .

I can have the most aggressive goals and . . .

The most positive attitude and continue to fail because . . .

Action was never part of the plan but . . .

You knew that already, didn’t you?

So why don’t you take action?

Why do you dismiss things you know as things you know but in reality you don’t take action?

The worst part is what comes next (or perhaps already occurred) . . .


You stop setting goals because you feel it’s pointless.

You stop dreaming.

You feel you aren’t worthy.

It’s the equivalent of taking a bullet a while back and not knowing that we were dying.

We simply exist!

Before you get mad at me for making you feel worse, just know that I lived many years (actually too many years) in this place.

It absolutely sucks and . . .

It was completely unnecessary!

You can change that TODAY!

Dream again and commit to taking one simple (as in you suck if you don’t do this) action TODAY towards moving even a fraction of an inch closer.

Then do the same tomorrow, and the next day until you take your last breath.

Stop focusing on the dream, the positive expectation of attaining the dream and . . .

Get off your ass and do something about it already!

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