Have You Entered The SNIOP Zone?

by Paul Castain on April 30, 2012

In order to embrace today’s post you have to know what a “SNIOP” is!

According to Zig Ziglar, a SNIOP is a person who is Subject to the Negative Influence of Other People!

Things like . . .

Letting others rain on your parade or

Steal your joy or

Gun down your ideas and the all time favorite . . .

Discourage you!

When we enter the SNIOP zone we have a tendency to join in on negative talk instead of selling or just taking action in general.

We also lose a tremendous amount of time when we enter the SNIOP zone!

We spend time complaining

Being “pissed”


By the way, I used to enter the SNIOP zone every time I watched the news. Call me crazy, but hearing about 5 different murders, the latest country to drop a bomb on another and someone going to jail for scamming old people didn’t exactly make me want to go out and sell things at rock star like levels oh and . . .

Today is all about realizing two simple things . . .

First . . . Don’t allow yourself to be a freakin SNIOP! You’re in control . . . don’t relinquish that control!

Don’t let others discourage you or make you doubt yourself.

Note: If its constructive . . . embrace it! If its just somebody not digging the fact that you’re on to something . . . make a note to give a damn what they think and move on!

Second . . . Make sure you aren’t creating a few SNIOPs of your own by spreading any negativity you might have.

Your Turn . . . Are you subject to the negative influence of other people or do you feel you have a pretty good body armor when it comes to this stuff?

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