Here’s How An Email Can Actually Warm Up A Cold Call

by Paul Castain on August 10, 2017

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There are actually several ways for you to heat up a cold call by sending an email first.

For now, my advice is to make them hungry with a “potato chip” email.

You know the deal with potato chips (you can’t eat just one) and that’s exactly what you can do in your email.

Ways to present a “potato chip”;

Hint at a result and offer to share how they can achieve it, if they take your call, and then tell them the date and time you’ll be calling.

Offer some important info that you will share, if they take your call, and then tell them the date and time you’ll be calling.

An important resource that you will share, if they take your call, and then tell them the date and time you’ll be calling.

Anything to make them hungry but;

A) Obviously, don’t bullsh*t them.

B) Use your pre call planning research to make the email specific to THEM. Example: “I have a few ideas that might underscore your new green initiative, product launch, expansion, etc”

C) Use my “Reverse Call To Action” technique.

The reverse call to action is when you tell them the action YOU are going to take, instead of asking THEM to do something.

Example: “I’m going to call you, Thursday morning, at 9:30 am”

There’s more to this, but for now, this can, and WILL heat up your cold call.


Because you’re intriguing them with something useful and relevant while holding out on delivering it until they take your call.

The brain loves a good mystery and has a need to connect ALL of the dots.

You’re also leveraging “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).

Use that to your advantage with an email and follow up call.

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