Let’s get a few things straight . . .

I’m not the guy you contact if you want to have yet another “value proposition” chat or train your team on some over played “feel, felt find” crap.

Quite frankly, this would be a splendid time for you to stop reading if you’re looking for someone to talk to you and/or your team about “open questions vs closed questions” or partake in some warm and fuzzy “rah rah” type “motivational” speech.

And let’s make a note that I don’t do ridiculous “role plays” (especially anything that would require me dressing up as a chick)

I’m the guy you call when you’re ready to dominate and know the time has come to do it differently!

That’s where I come in and I offer my expertise, not as some dude who hasn’t sold something since Clinton was in office but as someone who, like you, is still selling. Want to talk about straight commission? Try owning a business!

I run a tax consulting firm that serves billion-dollar companies.  Not only has Paul helped me to refine my sales skills so I can beat the pants off of my competition, but he’s also been instrumental in my development as a leader and an entrepreneur.  Paul has a knack for putting himself in my shoes as he designs strategies to assist with my professional growth.  Instead of having lame philosophical discussions, we roll up our sleeves and get our uniforms dirty with work that’s resulted in measurable returns.
Would I recommend you to hire Paul as an advisor? If you’re in the tax business – HELL NO!  I want to keep dominating in my niche.  Otherwise, HELL YEAH!  Subscribe to his blog, listen to his podcasts, join in on his webinars, and read his e-book.  Better yet, hire this dude and get the edge you need to break away from the pack.
Derek Hoffman, President, Bellatoris Consulting

Lectures, “outer body experiences” and a bunch of acronyms? Ha! You must be mistaking me for someone who isn’t me!

My programs are highly interactive and you’ll be happy to know that nobody has an “outer body” experience in my classroom!

Not on my watch dude!

Training can take place at your facility, a remote facility or via webinars, conference calls, podcasts etc! Heck, if you pay me enough, I s’pose I could even deliver it as a puppet show or “Mr Sock”! I’m awesome like that!

“Paul had come in to do a training with me and my staff; to say that I was impressed is an understatement!!! I have been in business for the past 7 years and now that we are up to 5 people at Corporate Hiring Solutions, it was time for us to have a little motivation and sharpen some of “our tools”. Paul is an Exceptional Sales Trainer that is informative, hysterical, knowledgeable, engaging, and only had a few days to prepare and boy did he prepare!!!! He really went out of his way to make the training very personalized and address some of the challenges we face as a staffing firm. I would highly recommend Paul to any company. He is awesome!!!”

Julie Solomon, Co-Founder of Corporate Hiring Solutions Inc

I belong to a local business networking group whose members are mostly business owners and executives. We hired Paul to teach us how to sell better.

Paul’s sales seminar is dynamic and up to date. No clichés, no jargon, no buzzwords, just relevant ideas about how to get through to your prospects.

Everyone in our group enjoyed the class and learned things they had never considered. I would recommend Paul to anyone wanting to learn how to make more sales.

Marc Zazeela, Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP)

For more information on my sales training programs, click here.

I have coaching programs for sales reps, sales leaders and business owners but . . .

This program is NOT for everyone!

You will have assignments, you will get your uniform dirty and there will be high levels of accountability!

My coaching program is NOT for the hobbyist and I will gladly fire a coaching client who doesn’t put in the effort! I don’t say that to appear tough or to embrace some new marketing tactic. I say it because my conscience prevents me from taking someone’s money who thinks writing a check and having me entertain them for 45 minutes every other week is a solution!

Coaching takes place entirely by phone with assignments between calls and did I mention this isn’t for the hobbyist?

“Paul has been coaching and mentoring me for the last four years.  I have attended his online sales training program, enrolled in many of his webinars and purchased his e-book.   I was prosperous before, but Paul helped me get to the next level.  Paul’s training sharped my sales skills, increased my on-line presence, helped me become a better leader and the list goes on…  I can directly link Paul’s coaching to the success that I am enjoying in my career.   I’m lucky to have found Paul and highly recommend him.”

Richie DeMarco – The Mayor of Hardware

For more information  CLICK HERE or just keep putting it off. Whatever man!

Looking for an awesome motivational speaker?

Great! Leave my website and go find one because that’s not my thing!

Motivational speakers are great at charging up your team and making them feel awesome.

Nothing wrong with that until it wears off like a Red Bull adrenaline shot!


I offer true substance served up fresh with a delivery style that will captivate your audience!

Oh, and they’ll leave with action items so we can keep all the awesome things we discussed alive after the event has ended. Imagine that! 🙂

Topics include all things sales, social networking, social selling and I don’t know, how about stuff like how to dominate your competitor and establishing top of mind preference with your prospects?

“Working with Paul as a keynote speaker for the ATSI  Conference in Orlando was very rewarding and set the bar very high for future keynote speakers to meet.


Paul took the time to learn about our industry and spent many hours on the phone speaking with me so he could deliver a unique presentation and not a “canned” show he had done many times before as has been my experience with other keynote speakers.


Paul delivered a very inspiring opening address and received the following comments from the attendees

“Great way to start the convention”

“Lots of quality tips and suggestions”

“Very Good !! I took copious notes“

“Good speaker – used examples relevant to my industry”

“Unique and different approach to sales, loved it”

Paul’s willingness and downright insistence to go the extra mile in preparing for our conference set the stage for a great event.

Wil Porter, Ansaphone Service, Inc

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Paul present “live” to over 100 salespeople from all industries. Paul is a man who will inspire you, make you laugh, and who you’ll always remember”

Troy Davis President, The Sales Association

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For those of you who would prefer to train in the comfort of your own office, I offer an online sales training program you can check out by clicking that handy dandy computer screen below.

I also offer several live webinars as well as an archive of “on demand” webinars that you can access by clicking the handy/dandy banner below.

For more information, please feel free to give me a call (631) 455-2455 or send me an email paul@yoursalesplaybook.com

Perhaps its time?