How “Blank Cards” Can Jolt Your Business

by Paul Castain on March 11, 2012

I’m a huge fan of using blank cards in my “sales mix”.

A blank card is simply a fold over card that has your company logo on one side and blank on the other side.

I designed mine to fit right in with the aspiring rock star motif you see in the header of my blog, my business card and my capabilities PDF.

Here’s a glimpse of the front . . .

The inside is blank so the card can serve several purposes which I’ll share in a moment.

In some instances, I like to use a repositional glue stick to place my card on the inside of the card as illustrated below.

While my biggest use is for writing thank you cards, I don’t stop there (which is why I don’t like pre printed thank you cards . . . they limit you)

I use these to congratulate people inside my network when they are promoted or have taken on a new role.

Note: If you check out your local business journal, they usually have a section where they not only mention people who have been promoted, they mention people who just joined a specific company . . . Perhaps a congratulatory note on your handy dandy blank card might make for a way cool first impression?

I use them to introduce myself to someone that I’d like to consider Castain Training Systems.

Note: The fact that I use handwritten envelopes helps inspire a little thing called “getting opened and read” I’ve even gone as far as purchasing cobalt blue envelopes which has helped as it resembles personal correspondence. And who the hell uses the word “correspondence” any more? Apparently I just did.

You can also use these as . . .

A “nice to meet you” reinforcement after a networking event.

Being occasionally guilty of this crazy thing called “being human” I have used my cards to offer a handwritten note to reinforce that I’m sorry.

I’ll include a handwritten card with something I’m dropping off or FedExing.

I would highly recommend that you add these to your arsenal . . . they will help you to stand out!

Your turn . . . What are your thoughts on using blank cards in your sales mix? How else can we use these cards?

Oh, and if you’d like for me to send you one of these blank cards, please click here and I’ll get you one ASAP!

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  • Thomasplain

    I think this is brilliant, unusual and personal. Who gets a personal letter or not any more?

  • JakiBG

    Love it, I have used these for the past 10 years and they always get read and commented on. (In fact, I was privvy to one deal cycle review matrix which actually commented that one of the reasons our organization was selected was the “courtesy” as a manner of doing business and cited the thank you card as an example!)  I have used our organizations Logo – juxtaposed with my name as the front cover – and found that a) it’s simply and cost-efficient and b) this “investment” gave prospects the comfort of knowing I was in this for the long haul- not just another sales rep to come and go in our industry.   As always, thanks for sharing and have a terrific week!

  • Julie

    Love your card, Paul!!  And what you speak is so true!  Why I love what I do…showing people the importance of taking the time to show appreciation :)  Let me know where you are ordering your cards from…our new “bulk option” may be a good fit for you.  Love that picture!!

  • Todd Spare

    I just got one from you…Thanks!
    My reaction was “WOW”. Here is this guy building and running a new business, writing posts on a daily basis, creating podcasts and free stuff and still takes the time to (hand)write a personal note. U R Amaazzzing

  • paulcastain

    Hardly anyone gets a handwritten anything anymore :)

    Thanks Thomas!

  • paulcastain

    I love what you said about “this “investment” gave prospects the comfort of knowing I was in this for the long haul- not just another sales rep to come and go in our industry.” boy is this spot on!

    Thanks Jaki!

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Julie!

  • paulcastain

    I really do try to practice what I preach Todd. Still a work in progress but I’m getting there my friend!

    Thank you for the kind words . . . you are appreciated!


    Paul, the blank hand written cards also make great “thank you for the opportunity to earn your business” cards directed at those specific customers that considered purchasing your wares or services but ultimately did not for whatever reason. – Btw..When was the last time you got a thank you card from someone for NOT buying from them?  – along with its many other useful purposes, this one always sets you apart from the rest and puts you at the top of the list for future opportunities.  In this time of “electronic correspondence” thanks for reminding us of the simplistic power of the hand written note card!

  • paulcastain

    An all caps GOLD STAR for that one Nick.

    What a cool way to differentiate . . . If we count you, there might be like one person doing this :)

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts!


    Paul, thanks for the GOLD STAR! : > )  
    – What a way to start the week!  

    I really enjoy your columns!  Keep on sharing – the more we share, the more we empty our cups to allow even more in.



  • Peter Lopez-L.A. BizSeller

    I love these!

  • Brad Bethune

    What a great idea!!

  • Renee Winston

    I love, love, LOVE this idea!  Going to work with my graphic person as well to create something like this.  Thank Paul!

  • Carole

    These are great! When mailing invoice I also send “inspiration,believe or reach for the stars-gotten from they are little one inch by one inch inspiration cards- and most people love them.

  • paulcastain

    Awesome idea Carole . . . Thanks for sharing this!

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Renee.

    Reach out to me once you get them designed. I can recommend a fantastic printer where you can get these done inexpensively.

    Say hello to Warren for me :)

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Brad!

  • paulcastain

    Thanks bro chacho :)

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  • Rich

    You know i love this. Say thank you. Stick out from the crowd

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