How “Blank Cards” Can Jolt Your Business

by Paul Castain on March 11, 2012

I’m a huge fan of using blank cards in my “sales mix”.

A blank card is simply a fold over card that has your company logo on one side and blank on the other side.

I designed mine to fit right in with the aspiring rock star motif you see in the header of my blog, my business card and my capabilities PDF.

Here’s a glimpse of the front . . .

The inside is blank so the card can serve several purposes which I’ll share in a moment.

In some instances, I like to use a repositional glue stick to place my card on the inside of the card as illustrated below.

While my biggest use is for writing thank you cards, I don’t stop there (which is why I don’t like pre printed thank you cards . . . they limit you)

I use these to congratulate people inside my network when they are promoted or have taken on a new role.

Note: If you check out your local business journal, they usually have a section where they not only mention people who have been promoted, they mention people who just joined a specific company . . . Perhaps a congratulatory note on your handy dandy blank card might make for a way cool first impression?

I use them to introduce myself to someone that I’d like to consider Castain Training Systems.

Note: The fact that I use handwritten envelopes helps inspire a little thing called “getting opened and read” I’ve even gone as far as purchasing cobalt blue envelopes which has helped as it resembles personal correspondence. And who the hell uses the word “correspondence” any more? Apparently I just did.

You can also use these as . . .

A “nice to meet you” reinforcement after a networking event.

Being occasionally guilty of this crazy thing called “being human” I have used my cards to offer a handwritten note to reinforce that I’m sorry.

I’ll include a handwritten card with something I’m dropping off or FedExing.

I would highly recommend that you add these to your arsenal . . . they will help you to stand out!

Your turn . . . What are your thoughts on using blank cards in your sales mix? How else can we use these cards?

Oh, and if you’d like for me to send you one of these blank cards, please click here and I’ll get you one ASAP!

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