How Sprint Exploded Their Sales And How You Can Too!

by Paul Castain on April 20, 2017

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Sprint has been doing something brilliant that quite frankly, EVERY sales rep should be doing too!

They used a really powerful (and often neglected tactic) to convey a point.

What was the point?

A 1% Difference ISN’T Worth Double The Price

Now most organizations would stop at that catchy line. Not Sprint!

They used several analogies (via several different ads) to help us visualize and realize how ridiculous it would be;

To charge twice as much for a difference that really didn’t amount to much.

They showed two identical Christmas Trees. One with a $50 price tag, the other at $100.

The characters had fun with it and showed us how ridiculous that would be and;

How the same thing applies to your wireless provider.

They showed a barber shop and introduced the same ridiculous point of paying double because the haircut was 1% better.

In both cases they also backed it up with a study to add credibility to their message.

Note: Repetition is a super important thing when it comes to our messaging. People need to hear things more than once. The key is in varying the method so it doesn’t come across as repetitive.

Analogies (like the ones use by Sprint) are a powerful form of “EVIDENCE” to help reduce doubt, skepticism and hesitation.

They also help people visualize and understand your offering in a much deeper way.

Analogies are 1 of 12 forms of “EVIDENCE” we’ll be talking about in our upcoming Prospect Like A Pro program.

It all begins on May 4th at 11:30 am EST.

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us;

  • 30 ways to find potential clients who have a higher probability of needing what you sell TODAY.
  • How to research quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t become your life’s work.
  • 33 ways to approach a potential client.
  • 3 ways to dramatically increase the probability of someone taking your call instead of letting it go to voicemail.
  • Creating a prospecting cadence that maximizes exposure, while limiting something experts refer to as “Becoming a pain in the ass”.
  • 15 email templates that get opened, read and responded to.
  • How to embrace a “gatekeeper” as a partner vs some cranky keeper of the gate!
  • How to craft an objection resistant dialogue that gets their attention from “Hello”. I’m also going to send you a template you can IMMEDIATELY apply.
  • 12 ways to proactively prevent skepticism, doubt, resistance and I might as well say it, OBJECTIONS!
  • A 3 step formula for responding to 95% of the objections you get on a regular basis.
  • 3 really cool tactics to use when someone asks you to send them information.
  • 4 types of voice mails that will capture the recipient’s attention. I’m also going to send you the templates.

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