• http://www.iCommunicat3.com Alin Jacobs

    A lot to think about. Even more to do. Thanks for the good tips. Especially like the “PS” suggestions.

  • http://www.yoursalesplaybook.com/ Paul Castain

    @ Alin: Thank you Alin!

    The “PS” idea has worked out real well for me and those who have given it a try!

    Hope you are enjoying this fantastic weekend my friend!


  • http://SourcePointAssociates.com Larry Megugorac


    Great idea about PS. In fact someone should list a question on SalesPlaybook about what their favorite PS could be and then we could all collect them and discuss them.

    You are a dedicated Jedi Sir!


  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tim-mushey/8/428/305 Tim Mushey

    My favourite was the tip about the “amazon.com theory”! So simple, yet so effective.
    Every time I purchase music or a book on amazon, and see the note about “if you liked this, you may like this…” I always have a look. There is no direct selling, just more of an “fyi” than anything. It would be awesome to know what their conversion rate was of those additional products being purchased after showing up under an “if you liked this…”. I think we can all utilize a theory like this in our day to day selling. Thanks!

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