Webinar: How To Bring In More Business!

One of the biggest questions I’m asked on a weekly basis is “Paul, how can I bring in more business?”

The unfortunate thing is that many people are of the mindset that you simply make more calls when the bigger issue might be that they need a better overall game plan consisting of . . .

Where to hunt, who to hunt and . . .

Quite a few other important items which is why I thought it might be time for our latest webinar series . . .

How To Bring In More Business!

In this 2 part webinar series you’ll learn:

How to truly know “where the money is” right now and how to get a handle on where the money will be in the near future (not a bad skill to have).

A counterintuitive approach to hunting new business. Yep, this one will make you think and help you outsmart your competitors in the process!

The two biggest “you just left money on the table” mistakes sales reps make every day.  Yep, we’re going there girlfriend and then to a place called “How to avoid that disaster”

An often neglected point of entry in the companies you are targeting.

The one “money” meeting you better be having with your clients regularly.

How to increase awareness of what you sell without sounding like an “infomercial”

10 New Account Acquisition Strategies.

This is the one many of you have asked for and here it is in (2) 45 minute webinars and a handy dandy recording so you can go back and refresh your memory!

When: Thursday, May 24th at 1:30 pm EST and Thursday, June 7th at 1:30 pm EST.

Investment: $69.99 (not each . . . for both)

Can’t make it at this time? Have a conflict with your schedule? No worries, sign up any way and enjoy the recording (slides and all) and (get this) view it whenever you feel like it. How cool is that?

As with all of my webinars, this comes with access to me! This means that you can shoot me an email with your questions or to bounce an idea off me and I’ll be happy to offer support!

Scroll down and click on the big ass red register button . . . you can’t miss it!

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