How To Get Higher Response Rates From Your Social Network

by Paul Castain on February 15, 2017


One of the biggest complaints I hear about social networking efforts is a lack of response.

And I know you’re thinking “Don’t they call it a “SOCIAL Network”?

As crazy as that is, there’s a way to dramatically increase your response rates via your social network.

Before I get to the main technique I want to share, we need to understand a few things (Feel free to say “Duh” but then again, you’d be surprised)

  1. If you’ve had zero interaction and your first attempt is a sales pitch, you’re going to have a sh*tty response rate. Better to have some interaction first. Even better to find ways to give something upfront (resources, introductions to others etc) Time Out: There are some who believe, that you should NEVER sell on a social network. That’s an unrealistic expectation. I tried it that way and almost starved.
  2. People need to feel a sense of propinquity towards you. You establish propinquity by “showing up”regularly in your status updates, commenting on other people’s updates, offering resources, being helpful, showing up in the groups etc. My guess is that right now . . .NOBODY knows who the hell you are. And if that’s the case, you’re lowering the probability of a response.

Having offered those two “Duh Castain” moments, here’s how you dramatically increase your response rates and actually create something that will absolutely blow your mind;

A Dialogue

One promise you need to make before reading further . . .

You’re not allowed to dismiss this because of it’s simplicity.

Ready . . .

End with a question

So if you’re sending something an “inmail” say what you’re going to say and end that bad boy with a question.

If you comment on someone’s status update, end that comment with a question.

You’ve just connected with someone and you’re thanking them for connecting, end it with a question.

Questions, inspire responses and responses create dialogue.

Dialogue creates propinquity . . .

Propinquity expedites your social networking courtship

So go ahead and give it a shot and while you’re at it, start using this technique in your emails to potential clients to improve your response rates there too!

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Because I’ll leave that for every other “Expert” to beat to death.

Personally, I think we should focus our efforts on actually being SOCIAL on a social network. The mechanics of LinkedIn really need to take a back seat to the SOCIAL part!

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