How To Get The Attention Of 500 More Buyers In The Next Year

by Paul Castain on July 16, 2017

Before I share how I get the attention of VP’s of Sales (who are inundated by sales pitches from many of my competitors), I want to warn you that this approach must coexist with OTHER things you are doing in your prospecting mix.

By itself, its not going to do much for you. As part of your total efforts its pretty damn powerful!

Each day, while you’re having your morning coffee, send out two pieces of snail mail (or FedEx if you prefer) to two people you AREN’T already doing business with.

And while you could just stuff some random mailing piece in an envelope, let’s talk about some BETTER options first.

  1. If you’re on LinkedIn and check your notifications, you’ll see opportunities to congratulate your network on a new job, a promotion, a work anniversary etc. Instead of using that sh*tty LinkedIn template, why not send a handwritten note or card? Do you think they receive lots of those types of messaging?
  2. Do you ever send an intro email to a potential client? So does everyone and their mother (hopefully they split the commission with her). Instead of doing what EVERYONE else does, why not send a card with a handwritten intro? Are you afraid they might say “Thanks for the effort but just put it over there in the pile of all the other handwritten intros I’ve received”?
  3. Send a greeting card (Part I). Now you can go with traditional holidays, or you can have some fun and send a card for a fun holiday (Like National Chocolate Lovers Day etc.) Here’s a resource with all kinds of fun holidays.
  4. Send a greeting card (Part II) For about $5 you can upload a picture of your choice, personalize a message and have a card printed and mailed for you. Now when it comes to that picture, let me share what I’ve done. A President of a company I was approaching, is a huge Star Wars fan, so I used a graphic of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and used call outs with the President’s name. I learned that a VP of Sales also plays the guitar so I uploaded a picture of my Marshall (amp) and two guitars with the caption “The only thing missing is you and I working together John”. SendOutCards is an excellent resource to consider for this!
  5. And yes, you can send a marketing piece, just remember to include a handwritten component like a post it note or do what I do and have your your marketing pieces designed like a greeting card (with plenty of room to write a note)

A few things to remember . . .

By sending out two pieces of snail mail, everyday, you have the opportunity to IMPACT 500 buyers and;

You’re doing this BEFORE the day has officially begun! How long could that possibly take you?

This approach isn’t THE answer, it’s part of the answer. One of several types of touches you should be including in your prospecting mix.

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