How To Handle Phone Objections!

by Paul Castain on December 9, 2012

Sometimes we complicate things and in the process of complicating, we zip right by the obvious.

Stephan Schiffman mentions a really cool technique in his book Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work.

He mentions that one of the easiest things for us to say in response to a phone objection is simply “Why don’t we get together anyway?”

I love this for its simplicity and its effectiveness because lets face it, the first objection is generally an “auto eject”, that is, a default (and not necessarily true) objection designed to get us off their phone, as quickly as possible.

My suggestion is that you don’t just say this and try some kind of silent close monkey style kung fu. Why would we give someone a chance to reload and fire another objection?

Remaining silent after answering an objection can give your prospect a chance to reload

I would suggest that you say something afterwards to show the value of meeting with you such as . . .

“Why don’t we get together anyway. I have some ideas that would really speak to the work (name of their company) is doing  (fill in the blank with an industry, a product, an initiative)

The compelling reason that you tag onto the “Why don’t we get together anyway” should be based on what you’ve found during your meticulous pre call planning! Don’t have time to research your prospects . . . hang your head dude. Unacceptable!

Mini rant aside,  you still can’t go silent yet, so put this nifty little bow on that bad boy . . .

Redirect towards a commitment . . .

“How’s your schedule looking for Tuesday before 11:00 am or Thursday afternoon (fill in your favorite way of offering meeting options)?”

So there you have it . . .

The “Why Don’t We Get Together Anyway” Objection Buster . . .

Stylish, elegant and really freakin simple!

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