How To Present Your Solutions With IMPACT!

by Paul Castain on April 9, 2012

Whether we like it or not, we need to present our ideas, our products, our solutions and here’s the part we never want to talk about . . .

Those very things that drive our revenue are judged by prospects and clients who have about a 9 second attention span!

What’s an aspiring sales rock star to do?

For starters, you might want to sign up for this two part webinar series because we’re going to jump into this head first!

Oh, and don’t you dare dismiss presenting ourselves as some “public speaking” thing that doesn’t pertain to you . . . that’s a huge mistake my friend!

Here’s why . . .

Whether we are presenting our company one on one or to large groups of potential buyers . . . we still need to make a presentation. No?

Here’s something else to think about . . . Decisions aren’t just being made in one on one meetings these days. Some of them are made by committee and that’s why I’ve divided this into two parts.

Here’s what you can expect.

Part I  . . . We will focus on the “one on one” presentations during this session. Specifically . . .

How To Truly Get Your Prospect’s/Client’s attention

Creating and Maintaining A Collaborative Exchange

How To Keep The Discussion From Going Prematurely To A Price Discussion

How To Create A “Doubt Resistant” Presentation (You do understand that most buyers are skeptical. Don’t you?)

How To Bring Key Parts Of Your Solution To Life (I can’t even begin to tell you how many people miss this one completely.)

The One Question You Absolutely Must Ask During Your Presentation (No it isn’t any of that “Always Be Closing” nonsense!)

Part II . . . We’re going to focus on the more formal presentations to larger groups and committees. We’ll talk about . . .

How To Calm Your Nerves

Why “Death By PowerPoint” Might Be BS! (Actually it is BS!)

Two Different Schools Of Thought For Your Slides

Common Presentation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

How To Open With Impact

One Easy Way To Keep Your Audience’s Attention

How To Handle “Q&A”

How To Close With Impact (and be remembered after your presentation)

Each webinar will be approximately 45-60 minutes and will be delivered with a style that’s fun and informative.

Important Note: There are no “Outer Body Experiences” on my watch! How silly would that be if that happened during a webinar on presenting with impact? :)

The investment is $69.99 for both as in not each but for both of these bad boys.

When: Part I April 18th at 1:30 PM EST and Part II will be on May 2nd at 1:30 PM EST

Time Out: I can’t tell you how many people write me and say something like “I’d love to Paul but I’m doing something else at that time” No worries because that’s why I record these things . . . For people like you and I who have lots of things going on.

Simply view the recording like you would one of those cool pay per view movies you watch on your TV. Minus the TV, nudity and violence. I typically charge extra for those things!

One last thing, your registration also includes access to me! I’m always happy to help my participants and make myself available through email support.

Click the ginormous red button below if you’re ready to invest in yourself and start presenting your solutions with IMPACT!

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