How To Prospect Consistently Even When You’re Completely Swamped

by Paul Castain on April 27, 2016

lesson from uncle paul

I thought I’d share the formula I’ve been using to grow my sales in an industry with way too many competitors!

Here it is and its much, much simpler than you’d ever imagine.

(2+2+2+15) x (260) + 3 x 4.33 + 1 x 12

For now, I’m only going to focus on the “2 + 2 + 2” in the formula.

Each day, before you head off to conquer the world . . .

Send 2 emails, to 2 people, you aren’t doing business with yet.

Send 2 mailing pieces out to 2 people, you aren’t doing business with yet

At a more Godly hour, make 2 calls, to 2 people, you aren’t doing business with yet.

So let’s take a look at what you just accomplished.

Before you’ve headed out the door, you already have 4 touches in the bank (You’re welcome) Once you make the 2 phone calls, you’ll have a total of 6 touches that day.

At the end of the business week, you’ll have 30 more touches

At the end of a month, you’ll have 120 more touches

At the end of a year, you’ll have 1200 more touches

Do you think 1200 more touches would help you create MORE opportunities than you have right now?

I want to be clear about something . . .

The “222” in the formula, represents the absolute MINIMUM you MUST do each day!

You’re going to need to add more activity to this, but on those days when you’re swamped, you’ll get some activity in the bank. On those days when you put in some serious activity, you’ll have some icing on that cake.

More importantly . . .You’ll keep up appearances with potential clients. Familiarity is a good thing in sales!

I created it so there could be ABSOLUTELY no excuses because this only takes a little bit of time! Quite frankly, 2/3 of it is being done while you’re having your morning coffee.

My suggestion would be to have a daily, recurring alert, that reminds you to do your “222”. Committing this to memory is a nice way to pretty much blow off what I just taught you.

As for the rest of the formula, well that’s the part I’m going to being sharing on May 10th during our webinar;

A Simple Plan To Grow Your Sales

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Here’s what you get . . .

(1) 90 minute webinar


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Plus 2 really cool bonuses . . .

A Free eBook sent after the webinar and access to a secret resource page with additional, well, resources.

Can’t make it on May 10th?

Sign up anyway and I’ll send you the recording. This way you can view it whenever you’d like and you won’t miss out!

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So there you have it folks, the system, I use to consistently grow sales. Well at least the first part of the system!

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!

PS Here’s That Link Again To Learn The Rest Of The Formula! 


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