How To Sound Unscripted With Your Prospects

by Paul Castain on April 22, 2012

One of the biggest challenges many people have when “hitting the phones” is a little thing called “sounding scripted”. This week . . . we’re going there girlfriend!

I offer several tips to help you lose the script

Lose the whole sounding mechanical thing and . . .

Increase your effectiveness on the phone!

Why don’t you scroll down and have a listen!

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  • Great tips! Thanks & keep ’em coming.

  • Thanks Elizabeth . . . I really appreciate it!

  • Ditto on what Elizabeth just said – Li and I just sat here and listened to the podcast…getting out and talking to real people during the calling block or before helps to make sure you don’t go insane and that folks actually like and want to talk to you.  

    You also always give a good rebuke, Paul, on staying away from the “safe activities”.  Hard to do but a good discipline if you can achieve.  

  • I’m really impressed Bruce! Thank you and . . . 

    にロック  Rock on!

  • Thanks Jacob . . . that human interaction is so important especially for those of us who work from home!

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