How To Take Better Control When You Meet With A Prospect (Right From “Hello”)

by Paul Castain on October 9, 2017

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There are things that we were taught to do in sales, that we abandoned long ago.

Perhaps because it felt too formal or scripted;

Or perhaps it was never REALLY explained to us why the tactic was so important.

So with that in mind, I’d like to reintroduce you to something really valuable.

But before I do, its probably best that you tell your ego to leave the room.

Otherwise you might listen to it when it tells you I’m spewing a bunch of basic sh*t and then;

You’ll miss out on a tactic that’s incredibly UNDERRATED!

So here goes;

If you want to take immediate control of the “You had me from ‘Hello’.” variety, use an Agenda Statement.

An Agenda Statement is something you say (I’m not a fan of handing an agenda to someone) at the start of your meetings to;

  1. Lay out the agenda (Duh)
  2. Reiterate the amount of time you’ve both agreed to spend together.
  3. See if there’s anything your prospect(s) want to add to the agenda

But . . .

That’s the “Sales 101” part;

What you’re really doing is;

  1. Taking IMMEDIATE control by being the one to lay out the plan, while at the same time, creating a vibe of collaboration because you’re asking them if they’d like to add anything to the agenda.
  2. You’re showing your prospect that you value their time while making it easier for them to value yours.
  3. You’re displaying confidence which last time I checked, is a plus.
  4. You’re creating the right environment. You know, one where you each have the time to do your job properly, one where you can ask each other questions, share thoughts in a collaborative environment.
  5. Getting an opportunity, within the first 30-45 seconds to know if there was a misunderstanding as to what the plan was supposed to be. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather find out immediately instead of wasting valuable time.

I’m going to be going into this in greater detail (and sharing a really cool Agenda Statement template) during our 20 Psychological Tactics That Drive Sales webinar.

It all takes place on October 19th, at 11:30 am EST.

Here’s what you’ll discover by attending;

  • How To Access Peak Performance States Regularly and Consistently
  • How To Overcome Fear, Doubt and Procrastination
  • 2 Psychological Tactics To Use In A Cold Email
  • The 6 Psychological Triggers That Expedite Deals
  • The 7 Judgments Each Of Us Face From Our Prospects and Clients
  • 8 BETTER Ways Of Building Rapport
  • 12 Ways To Put A Skeptic At Ease
  • How To Use “Pattern Interrupts” To Modify A Potential Client’s Behavior
  • The Psychological IMPACT Of Asking Kick Ass Questions
  • How To Leverage Things Like Intrigue, Scarcity, Peer Pressure, Etc

To learn more (and to reserve your seat) click HERE ASAP!

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