How Would You Answer This Question?

by Paul Castain on February 21, 2013

There’s a recurring question in many of the sales forums and it goes something like this

“What’s a must read sales book?”

I’ve watched these discussions play out pretty much the same way for the last few years and I would say that approximately 90% of the answers point to a book that is at least 5-10 years old.

That kind of makes you wonder . . .

Is this when the last good book on sales was written or . . .

Are we, as a profession, way behind in embracing newer methodologies or even just self improvement in general?

Please weigh in with your thoughts.

  • Don_Lapp

    Paul – Good Question!  I think that technology has changed many things.  It  has opened up so many more lines of communication and methods of research.  What it hasn’t changed in my opinion is how people want to be treated and how they make many of their buying decision.

    I guess for me, I use the technology to make contacts and find out about people but it is business as usual once I sit down in front of them.  I haven’t seen anything really revolutionary when it comes to that part of the sales process.

  • timcrom59

    OK Paul, I have the only correct answer in a question. When can I buy your new sales book? I could use another classic on my shelf. Are you up to it? My guess would be yes. You provide great content so please let me know. My Amazon account is up and ready to purchase. Go get em!!

  • You are way too kind my friend!

    Thank you!

  • Good points Don!

    I have to say that when it comes to buying a book, I’m not looking for something new or revolutionary (although its really cool when I find one).

    I just want to stay sharp and keep working the learning muscles.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts!

  • Paul, My daughter was required for her work to read a book on social media, the copyright was 2009, which means most of the material was from 2007 to 2008. So the material now is really historic data not learning material. I am getting so I am more drawn to the “classic’s” in business books. I am finding myself more inclined to use up to date material from, webinar’s, etc.     

  • Thanks Bob!

  • Thanks Stan.

    I guess I’m wondering why a sales professional would limit their development to only breakthrough content.

  • Michael White

    I think this thread may grow into a very interesting discussion.  From my experience over the last 5 years (been doing this for much longer and have the grey hair to show for it).  Buyers are increasingly distancing themselves from sellers and relying on the internet and available resources for their information.  The age of Social Media, which we should really refer to as “Anti-Social” is having a dramatic impact on the sales process, leading to significant challenges in creating relationships, attaining a “value” status with prospects, and most importantly getting to the right level in an expedient manner.

    The result, again from my perspective, is lenghtened sales cycles and the potential for an inferior “product” to win based upon the perceived quality of their “internet” presence.

  • All great points Michael.

    Reason #500 why need to check out some of the more recent material out there.

  • Michael White

    If that is reason #500, where do I fond the 499 more critical (smile…) 

    BTW – Love the Social Networking Playbook, worthy of the investment

  • Ha . . . great comeback my friend. 🙂

    And thank you for the kind words about the Social Networking Playbook . . . you made my day Michael!

  • Everybody’s always looking for the next best thing, whether it be in business, health, cooking, family, tennis or whatever. Most things are just basic common sense, courtesy, empathy and drive! That’s my 10 cents…

  • Great points Francois!

    I’m wondering if that means we should shut off the learning process because of that?
    Personally, I don’t care if it has already been said or not. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to own the knowledge at a new level.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Francois.

  • Without reading anyone else: I think in the digital age many of us read blogs, posts and tweets to stay in the game. . . .

  • Good point Kristine!


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