Human Relations 2.0

by Paul Castain on December 1, 2012

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I was talking with yet another person in my network who feels that good old fashioned human relations skills have diminished amongst business people today.

Before you think we’re taking a trip to “Negative Town” today, this is actually a huge opportunity for those who are willing to get back to basics.

Today, we’re gonna go there girlfriend, but with a twist . . .

How about marrying in some human relations skills with our email, social networking and online activities?

What if I told you, its simple to do, costs like no money and you get to stand out in a sea of people missing these opportunities big time?

Here’s what you’ll learn during today’s podcast . . .

Some cool things about names and one mistake that irritates people to no end when you make it!

A conversational and listening tip that will help you bond with people quicker than you could ever imagine!

How a dude in an airport made me realize that Uncle Paul was becoming “That guy”.

How you can make others look like rock stars and enhance your value to your network big time!

The importance of “Thank You” and how some lady went off about how people shouldn’t say “thank you” on Twitter.

How I surprised my clients recently with an unexpected “Thank You”!

Additional Resources To Support Today’s Podcast . . .

1)   Do you take Assumptive Name Privileges?

2)   People have a need to be heard!

3)   My friend Kevin Keane really knows how to make his community look like rock stars on Facebook. Click here to see how Kevin does it!

4)   The Thank You Challenge.

5)   Join 32,000 of your sales peers in the Sales Playbook group on LinkedIn.

6)   Join 1500 of your sales peers in the Sales Playbook community on Facebook.

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