I Hope This Hits Home With You Today!

by Paul Castain on January 9, 2014

This week has been nothing short of crazy for me!

Sadly, I dropped the ball twice when I planned on getting to some activities that I absolutely MUST do in order to keep my business growing and just couldn’t get to them.

I found myself justifying my activity (or lack of) by saying that I would simply “do it tomorrow”. Actually, that’s a lie, I found myself  promising that I would give 110% tomorrow.

Made me think of John Wooden and how he used to correct those on his team who thought they could simply “give 110% tomorrow” to make up for a lack of performance today.

He would remind them that all we have is 100% and we can’t give more than that.

I’m not sitting here beating myself up like some kind of perfectionist but I am a superstitious aspiring sales rock star.

We’re 9 days into the new year and I found that I am already going off course.

Have enough of those and you have a bad week, a bad month, quarter and then PRESTO!

A bad year has been born!

I can’t speak for you, but I don’t like that “I didn’t give it my best feeling” and quite frankly, I don’t like playing make up for stuff that was supposed to be done earlier in the week.

I want to have a great year.

Now I need to make sure I continue to consistently put in the work to deserve it!

I’d like for you simply learn from my mistake!

Tonight, I’d like for you to ask your ego to leave the room and simply evaluate whether or not you’re doing the activities you promised yourself you would do.

Ask yourself if you are trying that idea or new thing you learned!

Simple but not so simple at the same time.

Some food for thought as you set out to have your best year ever!

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