Is Pricing A Belief Thing?

by Paul Castain on January 13, 2013

I was reading The Wall Street Journal the other day and was struck by the audacity of a towel company.

The towel company had a full page ad talking about their luxury towels.

These weren’t just any kind of towel, mind you, they were the kind of towels you find at the resorts and you could even get your monogram on them.

Truth be told, I could care less about my towels and the only reason I would pay more for a towel would be if I knew the towel itself could be somewhat compensated for having to dry my fat ass.

Other than that . . . it’s a towel!

I could buy that towel pretty much anywhere, substantially lower and monogramming isn’t important because I’m not worried about anyone trying to steal my towels.

Note: I’d like to monogram my bottle of Cabo Wabo.

But seriously . . .

It begs the question . . .

Who was the gutsy one here?

Was it the towel company who believed in their product?

Or was it the account executive, who convinced a company (with a product you could basically buy anywhere), to change their thinking and drop a minimum of $50,000.00?

Oh, and let’s not forget the people who would actually drop the money on a luxury towel.

There seems like an awful lot of belief going on here and people will pay a premium for something they believe in.

Do you agree?

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