Is The New Year Kicking Your Ass?

by Paul Castain on January 26, 2014

I get a little depressed this time of year because I witness something really sad.

It’s right about now, that all the long lines of people at the gym and Weight Watchers have dwindled.

All the “let’s go get em’s” have gotten up and gone and . . .

Here we are, once again, doing the same stuff we did last year that didn’t quite get us to where we’d really like to be!

It’s sad because what I’m really saying is that . . .

W’eve Given Up!

What’s sadder is that we’ve given up and we’re not willing to deal with it.

We choose to put our heads down and pretend a blog post like this is referring to someone else.

Maybe we kid ourselves into thinking “tomorrow is the day I’ll get my act together” instead of today.

Who knows, maybe it’s that stupid inner voice telling us that “Maybe we shouldn’t dream so big we’ll only be disappointed”

Perhaps we had great intentions but several thousand bright shiny objects came along and brought our intentions away from the actions that breed results.

I’d love to coordinate a group hug and tell you it’s going to be OK but that isn’t what you need.

You need a reality check . . .

One that tells you that the first month may have kicked your ass but . . .

It’s up to you what happens in the next 11 months that will behind you quicker than you realize!

So no, it’s not going to be OK until . . .

You’ve decided to do something about it!

In the meantime, while you’re deciding . . .

Let’s hope that your competitor is still trying decide too!

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