Is Your Brand A “Bitchin Kitchen”?

by Paul Castain on October 26, 2011

I was having a rare moment with the television the other day.

When I say a “rare moment” I mean that in the context that I was actually watching it.

I’m usually hanging out with my friends in Bon Jovi and Aerosmith . . . come on, fess up. Did I get you?

Didn’t think so :(

Actually I do more interesting stuff like writing this blog and training content for my clients.

So (and forgive me if this show has been around for a while) I come across this cooking show that actually stood out.

It’s called the “Bitchen Kitchen” and the dudette doing the cooking is “Nadia G”.

“Nadia G” plays the character of kind of tough talking Italian (or Eyetalian if you are from my side of the Joisey Turnpike)

During the show she’ll entertain you with some downright silly comments and she’ll interact with various characters to keep it interesting.

She even takes the microphone and kind of morphs into this “Punk Rock meets Eyetalian Cooking Chick”  type of thing.

As I said before . . . its silly . . . but . . .

That’s the point!

Its supposed to be silly and guess what?

Its also supposed to be different!

Want to know why?

Because there’s an overabundance of cooking shows!

Want to know why else?

Because there’s more than enough other shows competing for your attention?

They’ve chosen to be different!

I wonder if we face similar challenges with regard to . . .

Trying to stand out with our “audience” who’s more than a little bit distracted these days!

Now, I’m not advocating “silly” . . .

I’m just wondering if it might be time for us to give a little more thought to how we can stand out . . .

In a way that allows us to be true to ourselves and yet respectful to the audience we wish to “court”

Oh, and the time you spent reading this is typically more time than most of us spend thinking about our own personal brand.

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