Leveraging Client Events To Sell More This Summer

by Paul Castain on June 16, 2017

Client events

The theme of our upcoming webinar 25 Ways To Rock Your Sales This Summer is to how to actually use the summer to your advantage.

In fact, you should ALWAYS do your best to LEVERAGE your circumstances (instead of bitching and moaning about how challenging they are!)

Let’s take a look at what happens over the summer, and then I’ll give you a few ideas on how to leverage it!

People tend to slow down, and go at a more leisurely pace (unless, of course, they operate a business that is centered around summer)

If people tend to slow down, (and tend to blow off more formal business interactions), how about appealing to their leisurely side?

In other words . . .

Why not LEVERAGE the situation instead of being challenged by it?

One way you can accomplish this, is by utilizing Events Based Marketing (also known as “Client Events”)

This could include open houses, webinars, seminars, lunches, dinners, “lunch and learns”, hosting a networking event, sports events etc.

And be sure to sprinkle some fun into your event because, it’s nice every once in a while, to remind people that you’re human!

So this summer, while you’re competitors are complaining about the summer;

You and your team will be taking full advantage of it!

While everyone else is showing up all formal and stuffy;

You’re showing up in a more fun and memorable (and even useful) way.

There’s obviously quite a bit more to this and in fairness to my clients, I’m not going to be more specific than that, but I WILL offer several examples during our upcoming webinar 25 Ways To Sell More This Summer!

I’m also going to really focus on this concept of . . .

LEVERAGING the summer, instead of being challenged by it.

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us . . .

  • 3 ways to create URGENCY with your prospects and clients
  • 10 email tactics that will help you capture your prospect’s attention (and get more responses)
  • 2 “Summer Specific Attention Getters”
  • 2 ways triple your referrals
  • 3 ways to generate more business with your existing clients
  • 3 ways to handle “Call me back after Labor Day”
  • A ridiculously simple communication plan you can implement the moment I teach it to you
  • How to leverage the summer instead of dreading it
  • How to outwork your competitors this summer (and still enjoy the heck out of yours)

To learn more (and to reserve your spot) please click HERE

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