Make Yourself A Deal

by Paul Castain on November 29, 2012

Make yourself a deal that you will at least give something a try that you’ve been avoiding.

Then make yourself a deal that you will stick with it.

The last part of the deal is to reward yourself somehow.

When I first started in sales, one of my mentors challenged me to hit the phones more aggressively than I had been.

He suggested that I increase my efforts and at the end of  a month . . .

Reward myself somehow.

And that I did!

It was a date with my wife at a really cool restaurant and I’ve been rewarding myself ever since.

I love the feeling of accomplishing something and then . . .

Enjoying the benefits and having that . . .

“This is why I bust my butt” moment . . .

In a way that I’m enjoying the ride instead of being obsessed with the destination!

How about you . . .

Are you enjoying the ride?

  • Christopher Ryan

    Paul, this is an excellent post. Most of the things we are afraid to confront (making a sales call, sending a tough email, confronting a co-worker, speaking in public, addressing a personal flaw) are worse in the imagination than in reality. Going past our comfort zone to tackle such an issue can be liberating and possibly transformational.

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Christopher.

    I agree with your thoughts especially about our fears being worse in our imagination.
    Putting in a rewards system, puts the fun back in the process.

    Thanks again!

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