• Adam

    Paul, tremendous card. It looks “cool” but still effective. I think many people lose sight of their message and try to focus too much on the cool factor. Its seems you have found a great balance.

    As for your question I believe their is still a place for the business card just not as prominent as it used to be. Some people still use rolodex, don’t use social media etc. and this is the best way for them to retain our contact info.

    Other people who I connect with online I feel no need for their business card and/or for them to have mine. That’s my short answer.

    Keep on rocking, Jedi style, Paul!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    I really appreciate that Adam . . . Thank you!

    I agree. In many ways it isn’t as prominent. My feeling is that we need to have a card and since we need to have one, why not have a little fun with it, underscore our brand and have it serve as a mini brochure.

    Thanks again Adam!

  • Daniel

    Nice post and those who think business cards are dead are just using the same cards our grandfathers used.  I use a card that looks exactly like a 100$ bill when it is folded, and it has my info on one side  and the 100 bill on the other. I get the OMG moments when I give my card out. It creates a stop in time and a look on their face that cant be replicated, pure satisfaction and the creativity comes alive. It fits my space. Do something or say something that has not been done and watch the results. Hope this helps!

  • http://damianthompson.com Damian Thompson

    A big fan of both the motif and the services listing. 

    Business cards, like almost any marketing material is useful or useless based on its intent, purpose, and EXECUTION. You have achieved yours by creating a fun, interesting talking point with the rock star persona and ensuring your clients / prospects know exactly what you offer.

    Color me a supporter of biz cards done right.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/smksensei Sean Michael Kelly

    Pure awesomeness. You rock!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thank you Sean . . . I really appreciate it!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thank you Damian!

    Great point about intent, purpose and execution . . . Well said!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    That’s a brilliant idea Daniel!

    We need to stand out and make people stop and think!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thank you and please be sure to share your new card with me once their done!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say that.

    Much appreciated!

  • http://www.measurecolor.com/ Norm

    Paul, we have used a similar approach from MOO.com for years. These folks do a great job on two-sided business cards. We sell a software product and have added a number of screen captures to the back of our cards. I can do entire demo from by business card! Also, prospects can take the card and use it to promote the product to others within their organization. Best thing we ever did.

  • Greg Kurtz

    Thanks for sharing the card idea.

    I am currently in a job search and did an idea similar.

    Here is my example…

    Kudos… Jedi Master

  • Lance Sample

    Very effective, Paul.  I am in commercial printing sales and I too have a 4/4 business card.  On the back of the card we print a QR Code with links to our website.  Once on the site, one can see all our products & services.  This takes what would normally be a static but nice looking card & transforms it into an interactive mobile call to action card.  Best regards –

  • Larry Rutter


    Great idea. I especially like the idea of including a company PDF with a proposal (or in our case a boat Listing Agreement). Thanks for the tip.


  • Cwtucker2

    I have used a “run of the mill” business cards since i was 19.  Its time to embrace the bold.  Thanks for the ideas and encouragement.  Maybe if you get a lot of cool cards sent you way you could post the best ones on the website. 

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    A sincere honor Larry!

    Thank YOU for taking the time to stop by!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    I like it Lance. 

    A great use of technology!


  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thanks Greg and best of luck to you in your job search!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    I love this idea Norm!

    People are busy and need their info quickly. Sounds like you scored a home run!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    “By the way, my specialties are listed on the back of my card.” Brilliant and I shall swipe this idea from you :)
    Thanks Jon!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Great idea . . . Will do!

    Thank you!

  • Jweiner

    Paul, you rock!  Love your energy, message and consistent approach to your mission.  Keep on truckin.

  • Bruce Zimmerman

    Your Business Cards ROCK!!! You are most definitely a SALES ROCK STAR! What a pleasure it is to learn from a Jedi Master! 

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    What a cool message!

    An all caps THANK YOU for that my friend!

  • Thomasplain

    I’m a huge fan of the business card and the post card for asking/reminding the prospect “Do you need done what I do?”

  • http://www.trilliumstaffing.com/ Jbrandenberger

    Love your card!  We recently updated our cards in a similar way – but more to show other divisions of our company that we can ‘cross-sell.’  I love it – it reminds me to mention them!  The only thing I miss is that if I made a cold call I often wrote a personal message on the back of the card and now there is no room to do that – so I have to be creative! 

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Very kind of you to say that Mr Zimmerman.

    Thank you!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    A sincere honor Jessie!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Nice approach Roger. I’m seeing more and more of these QR codes and they definitely serve their purpose.

    One of these days I’ll actually get off my butt and put one on my cards.

    Thanks Roger!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Me too and quite frankly the price is right too!

    Thanks Thomas!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    I was thinking the same thing as I moved to a two sided card.

    That and the fact that I miss the ability to write my own notes and reminders on them as note cards :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • Marc Zazeela


    I still save business cards and I know many others who do also. Sure I put them into my digital contact manager, but I still like to look at them from time to time. And, as you have pointed out, they can be a pretty good marketing piece when necessary.


  • Jeff Mayernik

    I use picture cards and as I hand someone the card, face up, they usually comment on the picture. My response is “Yeah, that’s there so you’ll be compelled to turn it over and read the back.”

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