One Way To Raise Awareness Without Being “Salesy”

by Paul Castain on September 17, 2013

Have you every been “pigeonholed” by your customers?

We become “pigeonholed” whenever a customer labels us the person they go to for one thing but meanwhile we offer many other things they are buying from someone else.

The reasons for this can vary but more often than not, it’s a simple awareness thing.

This can present a bit of a challenge for us because we don’t want to go over the top with the “Did you know we also offer ______” stuff.

So what the heck do you do?

There are many things I do to keep the various things I offer front and center with my clients.

Today, I want to focus on just one!

Painfully simple “Uncle Paul” thought process coming at cha in 3,2,1 . . .

First, I made up a single sheet with 10 things I offer.

Note: I didn’t want the sheet to contain lots of words or narrative of any kind.

Why? Because people are far too busy to read that stuff!

Next, I wasn’t digging the whole “10 Things I Do For My Clients” or “10 Ways I Can Work With You” because I don’t talk that way.

So I decided to have some fun and do something that underscored the “Castain” brand . . .

while speaking to something my clients need . . .

They need help with their aspirations of becoming rock stars in their own right.

So, I changed the title and went with . . .

“10 Ways I Rock With My Clients”

I sent it off to my designers and let them work their magic.

Here’s what they came up with . . .

It’s fun, its informative and its brief enough to get read.

It’s also a versatile piece . . .

I can send this to my clients in an email.

I can include it as a page in my proposals.

I can upload it onto my Linkedin profile.

I can send it off via snail mail with an intro letter or with a handwritten post it note.

The results have been pretty cool too!

I’ve had training clients take advantage of my coaching services.

I’ve had coaching clients who booked me as their keynote speaker and . . .

I’ve generated over $250,000 in additional products and services as a result!

So today you have some homework.

Give some thought to how you will keep your clients (and potential clients) informed of all the cool things you do because . .

For us to think that they have us and all those things we do on the brain is wishful thinking at best!

Here’s a full sized version of 10 Ways I Rock With My Clients

FYI . . .

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