Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook

“Thank God for someone who gets it. Paul Castain’s “Social Networking Playbook” gave me just what I needed – an understanding of the social side of social media. Too many books have turned social media into sales gimmicks and marketing tricks. Paul understands that the first rule of social media is a respect for those with whom we communicate. His tips are specific, actionable and they work. Most of all, they work for all the right reasons.”

Donna Highfill, President
Highfill Performance Group

I think there’s a tremendous amount of confusion with regard to Social Networking these days!

Some people have unrealistic expectations in terms of how long it should take to get some level of ROI.

Others write it off or limit their participation because they don’t “get” Twitter, Google+ or dare I say . . . Social Networking in general.

And you know what?

Way too many people miss opportunities because they don’t know how to work the “Social” part of Social Networking!

Now if you look around you, you’ll agree that there’s way too many training courses, books and “experts” out there talking about all the bells, whistles and technology.

Meanwhile, we’re missing the bigger opportunity.

Our ability to CONNECT!

Quite frankly . . . That’s why I’ve written “Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook”

This 90 page E-Book will take you through several important steps.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect.

In Chapter 1 You’ll learn the 10 thoughts that comprise the “social” mindset. Within those 10 thoughts I share numerous tips from how you will be judged by your network to what you need to do to create the type of “social” brand that people will gravitate towards!

In Chapter 2 We talk about how to be “Social From Hello”. Why? Because most people aren’t leveraging this simple concept. Within this chapter, I attack some very limiting beliefs head on and offer you some valuable tips to immediately separate yourself from the masses

In Chapter 3 We cover a very simple thing you can do immediately to expand your relationships . . . dramatically. I even give you a handy dandy sample of letter to use . . . You’re welcome!

In Chapter 4 I introduce you to a strategy that helps you position yourself into a dialogue with your contacts. Imagine that . . . actually connecting with a connection. What will they think of next!

In Chapter 5 We explore something that the bulk of the people in social networking miss big time; How to transition your relationships off your computer screen and into real time. As a bonus, I show you how to do this without it taking on that God awful “blind date” vibe.

Last, but not least, I’m going to show you something that I’ve been all over for the past 3 years with my network . . . How To Show Up and STAND OUT in a sea of way too many contacts and status updates . . . all moving at the speed of light!

Oh, and if we’re going to spend 90 pages together . . . I promise you its going to be fun, entertaining and as a bonus . . . You’ll learn a few things in the process.

I’ve designed the E-Book with note pages and a few questions so that you can write your own “plays” and take these lessons to a whole new level.

There’s something else that you absolutely must know before you make a decision as to whether or not you’ll invest in this book . . .

Nothing aggravates me more than a “Social” Networking “Expert” who doesn’t live it.

You know, they don’t respond or interact with their network

They hardly follow back

Perhaps an over abundance of “Me”

Or maybe they only respond to the other cool kids while slighting you?

I’m happy to say that I not only write about this stuff . . . I’ve been living it!

“Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook is a breath of fresh air in the social media space. He covers all key areas of social networking to give a solid foundation of knowledge if you are brand new to these communication methods, or are attempting to enhance your current online presence. The best part is Paul practices what he preaches, and truly cares about helping others succeed. All of these concepts can be found in his daily work as he interacts with his legions of social media followers! If you want to get to the nuts and bolts of social media (in a refreshingly easy to read format), and create action plans to move forward immediately, I highly recommend picking up the Social Media Playbook.”

Tim Mushey, Sales & Leadership Blogger

And no, I didn’t arrive on the scene as yet another “expert”. . . I was too busy!

Too busy quitting Linkedin back in 2008 because I thought it sucked!

A few months later, I wasn’t very happy with myself. I felt I didn’t give it an honest effort and had some unrealistic expectations. As a bonus, I really didn’t know what the hell I was doing. How’s that for an “expert” confession?

So, I did everything I could to learn this stuff and model the folks who I felt were getting the results I was after.

In the process I built a rock solid network.

I built one of the most popular Linkedin sales groups with over 29,000 members!

I built some incredible friendships and just in case that’s a tad warm and fuzzy for you . .

I transitioned it all into a successful sales training company . . . because I built my network . . . Long before I needed it!

Who Should Buy This E-Book?

Everyone . . .

Because its truly time that we bring the “Social” back to Social Networking and reap some serious rewards for doing so!

The investment is $19.99  for a 90 page visit with someone who has some cool ideas to share with you.

If you’ve read my numerous posts on social networking or interacted with me on the various platforms, I’m sure you’ll agree that any one of the numerous ideas I share will be worth more than $19.99 to you!

Here’s something else that I’d like to offer and NO I’m not going to give you any of that “If you act now, I’ll throw in the ginsu knives free” BS.

I’ll offer something better . . .

I’ll make myself available to you via email to answer any of your questions as you go through the material!

So jot this down . . . and then click on the handy dandy buy now button below for an instant download!

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to serve you!

Paul Castain’s “Social Networking Playbook” tells you the right play to call no matter what the score. Paul gives you tips and tricks that you can use as soon as you begin reading. This is a must read for anyone that uses social networking sites.

Richie DeMarco, Vice President

Eveready Hardware

Option A . . . Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook


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Option B Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook plus 45 minute webinar recording of “Networking Socially Through Linkedin”


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Additional Praise For Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook

“People sometimes say: “you can’t just talk the talk, you’ve gotta walk the walk.” Well let me tell you – NO ONE walks the walk better than Paul Castain. He knows his stuff and runs his business using the same principles that he teaches. And you know what? They WORK!

What’s truly wonderful is Paul’s style. He’s down to earth, smart, honest and genuine. His energy, sense of humor and way of conveying information is terrific and makes it fun and engaging to learn from him. And throughout it all he is supportive and positive – he really wants to see folks succeed and that comes across in everything I’ve seen him do.

It’s a business book with great content, written in a style that’s a refreshing change of pace. Give it a read. You’ll be glad you did. And after all, who doesn’t want to learn from a Jedi-Master?!”

Anne-Marie Regish, Owner
Virtually Yours From Connecticut, LLC

“Paul’s Social Networking Playbook goes a long way beyond being just an interesting read. As a reference it is an easy-to-follow guide to clearing the fog that surrounds the world of social media for newbies, and for the more experienced user it offers refinement and fine-tuning to further enhance one’s use. Following the principles laid out in the book, particularly to the point where they become “habit”, cannot help but raise anybody’s game in this area. His style is entertaining and easy to follow, and has a deep-rooted validity based on Paul having done the “hard yards” himself to gain the knowledge that he is now sharing with others.”

Steve Payne, Principal Consultant

Synergy Sourcing Group

There’s just one thing that annoys me . . .

And that’s the fact that Paul didn’t release the book much, much earlier.  My social media presence would have been so much better if I’d read this a year ago.

I would thoroughly recommend this book!

It isn’t another book about pressing the right buttons on your social media dashboard.  It’s a book about social media attitude and strategy.  And there’s not enough written about this topic.

And, by the way, make sure you sign up for Paul’s podcasts too. They’re awesome!

Matthew Parker, Founding Director

Print & Procurement Ltd

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