Paul’s Weekly Brainstorming Session!

by Paul Castain on March 8, 2012

Every week I pick a topic and open it up for a group brainstorming session over on our Linkedin group.

So far, we’ve received lots of comments, lots of different perspectives and some fantastic feedback from our Sales Playbook community.

This week, we’re discussing the old “Send Me Some Information” response when we prospect.

Come join us, see what others have to say and by all means, weigh in with your valuable thoughts!

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  • Jason

    This is the default blowoff that just about everyone uses. Usually when you hear this you need to either have done a needs analysis or are talking to a gatekeeper. Ask questions to engage them. If you’re dealing with a gatekeeper and you haven’t been able to get through, ask questions with the understanding that you want to send the right information so as not to waste the boss’ time.

    This is really just a “no” in disguise, so take the opportunity to get the rest of the information you need to build a case, address real objections, and close the deal. 

  • Thanks Jason!

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