Playbook for a successful year 2015 b

It’s unfortunate, but there are two very common train wrecks that occur this time of year.

The first happens when people set goals that were never properly thought out because they got caught up in some New Year’s Rah Rah BS.

They never really thought out, with complete clarity what they want (I’m not going to use that overused S.M.A.R.T. acronym here so relax)

They never really thought out where they want to be and even how the heck they’re supposed to know if they ascend to this magical place.

More often than not, they get caught up in some obligatory year end exercise without fully thinking out  . . .

The “How” as in “How will I do this” And let me be clear. Not some generic, I’ll work harder, eat less, sell more fantasy . . . I’m talking about specifics and  “What will I do DAILY to make this my new reality?”

The “Why” as in “Why is this so important to me?”

The “Who” as in “Who do I need to align myself with to make this goal a reality?” or for the more daring . . .

“Who do I need to become to pull this off?”

The “What” as in “What new habits do I need to install?” “What emotions, habits, BS, people etc do I need to evict from my life?”

I could go on and on . . . but I sense you’re with me.

The other train wreck occurs when we continue doing the same things, over and over expecting to get different results.

Take it from someone who knows (through his own failures) . . .

That seat of the pants crap isn’t sustainable!

On Tuesday, January 20th at 1:30 PM EST I’ll be hosting a very different type of goal setting webinar “Playbook For A Successful Year”.

Here’s What You’ll Gain By Attending This 90 Minute Webinar

How to create a better vision of where you need to navigate your life!

How to create a plan that moves the vision to reality!

Understanding the things that can (and absolutely will) get in your way!

I’ll deliver it with a style that’s entertaining but heavy on the substance and heavy on the action verbs!

Here’s What You’ll Get

The 90 Minute Webinar


A Recording (Slides and All) Of The Webinar 48 Hours After The Webinar

A Free 10 page eBook (after the webinar) To Help Reinforce (And Expand) The Material

Call Me Sneaky But . . .

Most people have abandoned their New Year’s goals by the third week in January! If you think I’m kidding take a mental picture of the lines at your gym at the beginning of January versus the third week in January.

That’s why I thought it might be important to schedule this webinar right when most of you are going to need it most!


Tuesday, January 20th at 11:30 am EST!

Have a scheduling conflict?

No worries . . . This session will be recorded and you will get the link to the recording (slides and all) shortly after we complete the webinar!


Your computer screen! Join us from your favorite chair!

How Much?

$99 and the best part is that you don’t have to re mortgage your home to be able to afford this training!

register here

One More Thing . . .

A bad day, doesn’t happen at 4:55!

A bad week doesn’t happen on Friday!

A bad month doesn’t happen on the 30th!

A bad year doesn’t happen on New Year’s Eve!

A bad career doesn’t happen on your retirement!

A bad life doesn’t happen on your death bed!

All of that brings us back to this moment, right now and what we choose to do with it!

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