Profile Of A Rock Star Sales Rep

by Paul Castain on May 12, 2011

Fant Smith is one of the reps I studied when I created a sales training program in my former role.

Fant was a consistent 5 million dollar a year rep and I wanted to know what he did to flip the switch from average to rock star.  This way we could either find more reps with Fant’s sales DNA,  or train our sales force to run some of the plays in his playbook.

Now I could bore you with every detail of every quality he possess . . . or I could simply highlight a few things that really jumped out at me!

Turning On The No Negativity Sign

During one of my interviews with Fant, he shared an interesting story with me about negativity.

He told me that there was a time where he spent a lot of his time not only being negative, but commiserating with his teammates. He admitted something that I had never really thought about . . . it was a fun and safe activity. In fact . . .

He would spend huge chunks of time on lengthy lunches with his teammates talking about negative topics and doing a great job of avoiding money generating activities.

Soon his paycheck reflected his lack of sales activity.

Fant made a conscious decision not to partake in those activities and stopped with the lunchtime festivities. Some of his friends weren’t happy with his decision but Fant stayed the course and was soon on his way towards higher production and higher earnings.

When I interviewed his teammates, they all commented on how positive Fant was and they also mentioned something else that I believe contributed to his success . .  .

Appreciation Of The Team

Fant was famous for handing out Starbucks cards to those who worked behind the scenes and he didn’t stop there!

He also took the time to care about his teammates as in legitimately like not just when a favor was needed.

Once a year, he would take everyone out who helped with his projects. This was out of his own pocket!

I believe that many would see that as insane when they add up how much that dinner ran . . . Fant saw it as a way to show gratitude!

I’m probably going out on a limb here but I’m guessing people tripped over themselves whenever Fant needed an 11th hour miracle. Amazing things happen to those who care!

A Giving Attitude

Each one of his teammates told me how Fant would give of his time to help his fellow sales jedis with advice, direction in a truly unselfish manner.

Quick Side Note: Fant saved my rear end one year when I needed a speaker at one of our national sales meetings. It was really short notice and he confessed to me that the whole getting up in front of 300 of his peers thing, was a tad out of his comfort zone.

I believe it would have been very easy to tell me to get someone else, but Fant helped me and he rocked the house!

Anyone want to take a guess why I shared that story?

Because it illustrates the DNA of a true giver.

It made me think that if he was continually giving to people who weren’t in a position to give back to him, what kind of giver would he be to those who were his clients?

Apparently one who is rewarded with over 5 million dollars a year of revenue!

Fant has also been the receiver of some way cool sales karma and had started his own printing company, grew it and then sold it to one of the big boys!

So there you have it, some very simple things that have this crazy way of paying huge dividends!

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