by Paul Castain on August 13, 2011

Pop quiz time . . . . Do you actually schedule the things that matter most to you?

Some do, some don’t . . . to each their own but . . .

Kind of hard to keep an appointment you don’t even have huh?

There’s even an evil step brother to the “I don’t schedule important things to me” thing.

It’s actually worse than not scheduling it too!

It’s when you schedule something important to YOU and you break that appointment.

Pop Quiz Numero Dos: Would you break an appointment with a client or prospect if it wasn’t an absolute emergency?

Let me go out on a limb and say “Hell No!”

Then perhaps its time you start giving yourself the same respect you are giving to others.

Assignment: Schedule something important to you and then . . .

Respect yourself by keeping the appointment!

Take note of that awesomel feeling you experience when you keep that appointment . . . that’s the feeling of control!

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