Read This When You Don’t Feel Like Putting In The Work!

by Paul Castain on June 21, 2013

A few weeks ago, I took a really big step and began a program to get healthy.

One way of looking at the journey is that I have a long way to go, another way of looking at it is that I’ve already dropped over 15 lbs but that isn’t the point . . .

Yesterday, I didn’t feel like going to the gym and then in a “tough love” moment, I reminded myself that coincidentally, I haven’t felt like being fat for the last decade either.

I dragged my ass to the gym and burned off another 500 calories.

I put in the work and moved a tiny bit closer to something that’s very important to me but that really isn’t the point.

There are days when we just flat out, don’t want to put in the work.

Those are the days that we have to remind ourselves that we also don’t feel like;

Struggling to pay our bills

Missing out on the things a bigger paycheck can bring our family or

Perhaps you just don’t want to have that sh*tty feeling at the end of the month when you know, in your heart, that you didn’t exactly give it your all.

There’s something I heard my whole life that only recently resonated with me;

It’s not so much the end result of accomplishing a goal . . .

It’s who we become in the process!

Now get back out there and do the work.

I’m rooting for you!

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