“Resource Positioning” Yourself To Success!

by Paul Castain on July 30, 2012

For the last 15+ years, I have always ended meetings with prospects with something I call “Resource Positioning”.

“Resource Positioning”, in it’s simplest form, is an invitation for your prospect to utilize you as a resource.

Pretty basic stuff, right?

Not really . . . most people don’t do it and yet it can

–       Encourage people to call you when they have questions

–       Keep you top of mind

–       Position you as an expert

And even keep doors open when you are rejected!

Here’s what I say:

Mary (say this to someone named Dan and you might get your ass kicked) please feel free to consider me a resource and don’t ever hesitate to call me if I can ever provide you with answers, thoughts and ideas. And Mary, I want you to know that when you’re picking up the phone with one hand, you don’t have to have a check in the other hand. I love what I do and I’m always happy to help any way I can”

Obviously, you should tweak this to fit your style but just make sure you make it clear that they should never hesitate to call you.

Resource Positioning is about making it easy to leverage something we don’t always sell properly . . . YOU!

But wait, there’s more dude . . .

Don’t you dare use “Resource Positioning” exclusively in new business appointments!

How about during networking?

How about at the end of those “get to know you calls” with your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook network?

How about using it somewhere in a “Thank You” note?

But wait, there’s still more . . .

This is a brilliant way to keep a door open when you lose a client or lose the opportunity with a prospect. I mean, its probably safe to say that they would feel funny calling you once they told you to hit the bricks, right? So why not kill that awkwardness right quick by leveraging the awesome power of “Resource Positioning”!

And perhaps its even a way cool way for me to end my blog today . . .

Please consider me a resource and reach out to me if I ever may be of help you and your organization  paul@yoursalesplaybook.com (631) 455-2455

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  • http://twitter.com/MZazeela Marc Zazeela

    Paul – I have done this and have gotten great feedback. Most times, especially in the case of a prospect you may not do business with, it is most unexpected and welcomed.

    Be unexpected. Be a little unpredictable. Be the standout.

    It makes you memorable and for the right reasons.


  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    I agree Marc!

    Not too many people will take the time to this and that in and of itself makes the person doing this stand out.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts. It’s always appreciated!

  • http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top Debbie

    Thanks Paul — Adding even if they can’t do business with you right then — the prospect is usually willing to share your name with others.  Plus, hearing their questions, offers a chance to learn where the gaps/needs might be.  Enjoy your week! 

  • http://www.proservicesks.com Frank Woodman Jr

    Yes Paul what you call resource positioning is a powerful tool and a great way to stay in the mind of your prospect or client.

    It’s really just another form of “asking for the business”. 

    So always be sure you ask for the business and leave all your contacts feeling that they can contact you for any reason not just to buy from you. 

    If you get no more than a friend from a contact you’ve done well and even if they never become a customer those lost sales and contacts all have friends and family that you may just turn into contacts. That sure won’t happen unless you keep good will between everyone you contact.

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