Richie Chooses Helpful Over “Salesy”

by Paul Castain on January 15, 2013

There’s a really big misunderstanding when it comes to social networking.

You have those who send you an invite and take your acceptance as an open invite to launch into a sales pitch.

You also have those who invite you and then do a whole lotta nothing . . . Probably because they simply don’t know what to do next.

My preferred method is to think of it as a “courtship” and nurture the relationship over time with a variety of different types of dates.

I want you all to meet Richie DeMarco. He really gets all this social networking stuff.

We are connected on LinkedIn and yesterday I received his monthly email.

The first thing I want to point out, is that Richie sends it through LinkedIn. I think that’s really smart because there is a much higher open rate when you send through your social network (Epsilon says its something like 24% higher) and he isn’t being assumptive (like way too many people are becoming) by interpreting acceptance of an invite as the green light to spam an inbox with a newsletter.

But this isn’t a newsletter.

This is a “Resource Letter”.

In Richie’s latest email, he pointed everyone towards two free apps.

These weren’t his apps . . . they were someone else’s.

Richie’s resource letter was “brand agnostic” meaning it didn’t really promote him or his company in any way.

Time Out! I teach my clients to follow the “98/2 Rule” Make 98% of what you offer your network “brand agnostic” and in no way, shape or form self promotional.

Take that other 2% (after you’ve earned the right by working the 98%) and point people back to a blog post, a free resource on your site, upcoming event you’re hosting etc.

Be helpful . . . not salesy!

Stuff like this nurtures relationships.

Stuff like this inspires responses and generates dialogue.

Stuff like this helps you stand out!

Be helpful . . . NOT salesy and while you’re at it;  don’t nudge someone with an invite and fall silent.

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