Richie’s Story and The Power Of A LEGITIMATE Testimonial

by Paul Castain on May 6, 2017


I’m a firm believer in the power of testimonials but;

Not so much in the power of the questionable testimonials I see on many people’s sites.

What makes a testimonial questionable?

The main thing that makes me question a testimonial is the name of the person giving it.

Like “Richie D, Massapequa, NY”

“Richie D” seems made up but “Richie DeMarco” a tad more legit.

Why only a tad?

Because I’d rather see “Richie DMarco, Manager, US Market Development, Richelieu Hardware LTD

There’s no faking that one and the reader can mosey on to LinkedIn to do a little due diligence.

“But putting their actual name puts me at risk”

At risk for what? Not being perceived as a bullsh*t artist?

If you need to worry about your clients jumping ship like that, I’m thinking you have a much bigger problem to address.

I use testimonials in a few different ways.

I have them all over my online sales pages. This includes my services pages, my courses, my webinars, etc.

I include them in a “Pre Appointment Kit” I’ll be talking about that during our 12 Ways To Safeguard Your Deal Webinar on May 18th.

I include them in my proposals but I do it differently than most. I provide my bio as part of my proposals. At the end of the bio, I have testimonials talking about me, not my company.


Because feature, benefits, bells and whistles are great but;

I’m the difference that brings it all together.

Said a different way . . .

People Buy YOU first

I use them from time to time, as part of my auto signature in my email blasts.

About two years ago, I decided to bring my testimonials up a notch by asking Richie DeMarco (one of my sales coaching clients since 2011) to provide a video testimonial.


Because the only thing better than using someone’s full name, is to see and hear them provide the testimonial.

To have a look for yourself, click HERE!

One more thing, testimonials are one of several types of “evidence” that can help expedite your deals.

They answer the question;

Who says so besides yourself?

I’m going to be talking all about it during our 12 Ways To Safeguard Your Deal webinar on Thursday, May 18th, at 11:30 am EST. You can learn more by clicking HERE!

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