For those about to rock . . .

You’ll want to check out my Rock Notes program!

Each week, you’ll receive 1 quick and easy to digest tip and something really really important . . .

An action item to help you own the concept!

Yep, you’re going to get your uniform dirty with these tips because quite frankly, these things are completely useless until you put them to use!

Here’s a partial list of the topics we’ll cover

Questioning Skills

Prospecting Tips



Setting Yourself Apart From Competitors

Time Management

New Account Acquisition Strategies

Growing Your Book Of Business

Overcoming Objections

Goal Setting

Achieving Work/Life Balance

Obstacles To Your Success & How To Remove Them

Customer Service Excellence

How To Generate More Referrals

NO EXCUSES! Rock Notes are the perfect way to kick start your week. While the coffee is brewing, you have time to read you weekly dose of Rock Notes giving you a simple way to be improving your skills all the time. Not only do you get a quick dose of Jedi from Uncle Paul, but he also gives you something to work on that week to reinforce the message. ACTION. The message is direct, not wrapped up in some “system” or “process”. Simply the straight goods from a guy who is out there getting his hands dirty like the rest of us!

Don Covin, Lomanco

I have been receiving the Rock Notes since Day 1 (I like to think I was Customer Uno!) and I look forward to them every week. They are a bit like reading a book; a chapter each week. Some weeks they require a bit more work: taking notes, tracking time, etc. and others, just a few timely words of wisdom or a new idea—the kind that makes you go “why didn’t I think of that?”. They cover many areas of sales: prospecting, lead development, networking, handling objections, setting appointments, closing, what happens when your prospect goes silent (hate that), asking great questions, but more important—how to develop yourself and create lasting habits that contribute to success not just in business but in life. These are real life tips from someone who is still walking the walk and willing to share his wisdom. As MasterCard would say “priceless”

Kathy Uhlenbrock, Hartford Media

Each email will come complete with a downloadable worksheet that can easily be printed out, completed and then placed in your favorite 3 ring binder to create your own personal playbook.

Investment: $9.99 per month . . . Not per week . . . per month!

There are also two very cool things that come to you free after you’ve been in the program for a few months.

2 free webinars

A free 15 minute coaching session.

A free 19 page eBook

There are no contracts or long term commitments required. Cancel at any time!

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