30+ Ways To ROCK Your Cold Calls!

Join us Tuesday, December 9th at 11:30 am EST as we discuss over 30 ideas to help you use the phone more effectively!

Here’s what I’m going to share . . .

  • 7 “Warm Ups” to get you into your “zone” faster
  • 3 ways to conquer call reluctance
  • How to research a potential client better than you competitors
  • How to find “triggers” that will dramatically increase the recipient’s interest level
  • How to craft a more compelling message without using a script
  • How to cut off objections BEFORE they occur
  • 3 ways to handle objections when they do occur (and responses to typical objections)
  • How to ask for access to a higher level decision maker without insulting your contact
  • 4 types of voicemails that will set you apart

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On December 3rd, right on your computer screen, we’ll be launching our last online sales program for 2014. I have over 100 tips to share with you to help you finish this year stronger and begin 2015 with new levels of AWESOMENESS! Click HERE for details!

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Have You Checked Out Our Rock Notes Program?

For those about to rock . . . you might want to consider my weekly rock notes product!

Each week, you’ll receive 1 quick (and easy to digest) tip and . . .

A work sheet with an action item to help you own the concept!

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Most emails don’t make it passed the subject line!

That’s why I thought it might be time to ROCK your emails with a special On Demand Workshop!

Here’s what I’m going to share . . .

  • Two, non negotiable things you MUST do BEFORE sending an email to a prospect!
  • 4 Ways to get email addresses without spending a dime on lists.
  • 10 words and phrases you should never use in a subject line
  • 5 Ways to capture someone’s attention in the subject line
  • How to leverage internal/external “peer pressure” to pique interest
  • 10 ways to make your email less salesy and a hell of a lot more interesting
  • How to dramatically increase your response rates and . . .
  • How one really simple thing increased my response rate by over 400%

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So you’ve connected with someone on a social network . . . Now what?

What do you say?

What do you do and while we’re at it . . .

How the heck do you transition the relationship from your computer screen to real time interactions, meetings and ultimately into new clients and lots of new business?

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Paul’s Referral Workshop ($39.99)

Here’s what you’ll learn . . .

  • The Psychology behind referrals
  • How to set the stage to truly earn referrals
  • 2 ways to dramatically increase the amount of referrals you receive
  • A referral source 9 out of 10 people miss completely
  • A specific time that you are literally leaving money on the table if you don’t ask for a referral!

The 5 Keys To Effective Prospect Meetings ($69.99)

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this 2 part series . . .

  • How to take control of your meeting . . . without being controlling!
  • The two deadly traps that you must be aware of!
  • The one question you absolutely must ask!
  • How to create questions that spark emotional intensity!
  • The 2 types of questions (and none of that open ended/closed crap)
  • One request that yields multiple benefits
  • The 5 “Insurance Policies”


Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT! ($69.99)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 2 part series . . .

  • How To Truly Get Your Prospect’s/Client’s attention
  • Creating and Maintaining A Collaborative Exchange
  • How To Keep The Discussion From Going Prematurely To A Price Discussion
  • How To Create A “Doubt Resistant” Presentation (You do understand that most buyers are skeptical. Don’t you?)
  • How To Bring Key Parts Of Your Solution To Life (I can’t even begin to tell you how many people miss this one completely.)
  • The One Question You Absolutely Must Ask During Your Presentation (No it isn’t any of that “Always Be Closing” nonsense!)


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My Risk Free Promise

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