I work with my clients in a very different way than traditional “coaches”.

A traditional coach will typically ask you lots of questions and lead you on a path to self discovery. I think that’s awesome but there really needs to be more than that!

By the time people reach out to me, they have lots of questions of their own, and could sure use some help getting answers. That’s why I created a different format for aspiring sales rock stars to bring their game up a notch or three!

Let’s take a look at how a typical session is formatted:

We’ll start off with a quick update. What you’ve been up to. What’s challenging you and what opportunities you’re in front of that we can brainstorm.

Next, we’re going to have some accountability by reviewing the action items you and I set in our last session.

We’ll then dive into a sales lesson that has been specially prepared for you. This is where I’ll teach you, step by step how to own a particular skill.

We’ll conclude our session with action items that we both agree upon.

Each session is 30-45 minutes and facilitated via phone or Skype.

Between sessions: Between sessions I’ll ask you to email me an update on your progress. You will receive reinforcement emails from me from time to time and most importantly I am available to you via email between sessions. Our relationship will always extend beyond those moments when the “meter is running”!

“I have partnered with Paul for over 2 years now and to me Paul is a “players coach”.  Simply put Paul is in the game with me.  He can relate to my business environment and the challenges I face.  He offers true coaching to help me become a better sales professional.  I have yet to walk away from a call with Paul where I didn’t have a “take away” item to use in my sales process. What I value in Paul is he cares about me as a person and doesn’t view me as a paycheck.”

Dan Greyn, Computers Unlimited

There are a wide variety of topics where I can offer guidance. Here’s a partial list:


Questioning Skills

Presentation Skills

Meticulous Pre Call Planning


Growing Your Existing Book Of Business

Winning Back Lost Business

Goal Setting

Time Management

Competing With Higher Priced Products & Services

Sales Management

We’ll also discuss how you can . . . Marry traditional selling methods with the newer tools such as leveraging Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to build a more powerful personal brand.

How to get “Top of Mind” and differentiate in a world where your prospect has way too many things on the brain to be thinking about you!

How to balance sales activities to create a sustainable revenue stream while “competitor proofing” your business!

I understand The “One size doesn’t fit all” thing!

We are all unique individuals and as such have our own unique style!  That’s why I’ll always work with you in a way that fits who YOU are as a person! But it doesn’t stop there! “One size doesn’t fit all” also applies to your prospects and customers too; so to that end we’ll learn multiple ways of engaging your audience!

What Makes My Coaching Program Different?

For starters, you get me and I’ve been actively selling for 30 years . . . Not just writing about selling . . . Or just training & coaching others on selling . . I’ve been Actively Selling for 30 years which means you not only get the benefit of someone who’s been “in the trenches” . . . he’s still right in there with you!

Throughout my career as a sales professional, I’ve coached hundreds of sales reps and more than 6,000 have attended my sales training courses! Also,  there are No contracts or paying in full for the entire program in advance. There’s no “but wait, you also need to buy the cds and pay for a costly initial assessment” If for any reason you feel things aren’t working out, feel free to cancel . . . its as simple as that!

And Now The Part That You Might Not Like . . .

I don’t want you to reach out to me if you aren’t going to put in the work required to be a part of this program!

If you aren’t ready to work, get your uniform dirty or if basically I want your success more than you, this will never work and . . .

unfortunately I won’t allow you to stay in this program.

Please give that some thought and if you are truly ready then read on.

If not, you won’t hurt my feelings :)

How Do We Begin The Process?

Please email me and I will send you a few questions that I’d like for you to answer within a few days of receiving them.

Email Me: paul@yoursalesplaybook.com

I run a tax consulting firm that serves billion-dollar companies.  Not only has Paul helped me to refine my sales skills so I can beat the pants off of my competition, but he’s also been instrumental in my development as a leader and an entrepreneur.  Paul has a knack for putting himself in my shoes as he designs strategies to assist with my professional growth.  Instead of having lame philosophical discussions, we roll up our sleeves and get our uniforms dirty with work that’s resulted in measurable returns.
Would I recommend you to hire Paul as an advisor? If you’re in the tax business – HELL NO!  I want to keep dominating in my niche.  Otherwise, HELL YEAH!  Subscribe to his blog, listen to his podcasts, join in on his webinars, and read his e-book.  Better yet, hire this dude and get the edge you need to break away from the pack.
Derek Hoffman, President, Bellatoris Consulting

“Paul has been coaching and mentoring me for the last two years.  I have attended his online sales training program, enrolled in many of his webinars and purchased his e-book.   I was prosperous before, but Paul helped me get to the next level.  Paul’s training sharped my sales skills, increased my on-line presence, helped me become a better leader and the list goes on…  I can directly link Paul’s coaching to the success that I am enjoying in my career.   I’m lucky to have found Paul and highly recommend him.”

Richie DeMarco – The Mayor of Hardware

“Paul is a dynamic sales professional in every sense. As a coach he is inspiring and uplifting. He cares for his clients with passion that is rare. He is a true consultant and coach and is always considering how he can make every encounter a truly positive experience. Anyone lucky enough to train with Paul will come away from the experience inspired and informed”

Michael Conti Interactive Intelligence