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Let’s face it, there are many companies that won’t make the time to train!

Perhaps the timing just isn’t right . . .

There are deadlines to meet.

Customers to respond to and . . .

God forbid we take the sales force out of the field!

Meanwhile they never grow the top line and develop their team to their full potential!

Well here’s a thought . . .

You’ll be happy to know that I offer sales training services in many different formats to respect both your time and your budget!

Here’s a partial list of the many ways we can work together:

Onsite Training

Call In Guest For Your Sales Meetings

Customized Webinars

Executive Retreats

Keynote Addresses & Breakout Groups

Conference Calls

Customized Selling Skills Manuals

As a Director of Sales for a company that sells services into the financial services sector, i.e. banks, finance companies, mortgage servicers and credit unions I was looking to offer my team a course on sales strategy.  My team was diverse in their backgrounds.  Some had come directly from lending and servicing institutions but had not sold before joining the company, while others were professional sellers.  I was looking for something that wasn’t going to be above the heads of the previously untrained sellers but still keep my seasoned selling professionals engaged, interested and potentially learning something new.  I interviewed folks from traditional sales methodologies like Dale Carnegie and Franklin Covey.  I discovered two things; they were very expensive and they didn’t offer any customization of the programs.  Paul met with myself and another sales leader at my company and really drilled down on what aspects of the sale we wanted to spend time on.  We focused our attention on preparation and researching the prospect, the art of cold calling, getting the appointment, ways to leverage social media and negotiations.  We spent two full days with Paul and moved through the material he had prepared swiftly but comfortably.  Our sales people were able to take frequent breaks so they could return calls and emails for critical matters.  Everyone came away feeling renewed and refreshed and having learned something new to try.

If you’re looking for a customized approach that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and methodologies of selling, I highly endorse Paul Castain.

Joe Weber, Director Of Sales, NCCI

What Makes My Training Programs Different?

For starters, you get me and I’ve been actively selling for 30 years . . .

Not writing about selling . . .

Or just training others on selling . .

I’ve been Actively Selling for 30 years which means you not only get the benefit of someone who’s been “in the trenches” . . . he’s still right in there with you!

Sales professionals respect that!

Throughout my career, I’ve coached hundreds of sales reps and more than 6,000 have attended my sales training courses!

I am well versed in both traditional as well as the newer  “Social Selling” methodologies! Why pick one, when you can have both?

My programs are interactive! Sales people don’t want to be lectured to or worse yet preached to . . . that’s how you get tuned out mighty quick!

I recognize that no matter how great a training event might be, there needs to be a reinforcement component in order for training to “stick”!

How Do We Begin The Process Of Working Together?

We’ll start with a no obligation (and sales pitch free) conversation to discuss your needs and how I might be able to impact your results.

From there, I’ll draw up some preliminary options complete with pricing so you know what to expect with absolutely no surprises!

It all begins with the courage to;

Call me (631) 455-2455

Email Me:

Either way . . . do something!

“Imaginative, provoking and charismatic, his words have the power to influence and persuade others to look past their own boundaries and open themselves to new possibilities” Samantha Albright, Clipper Magazine