Sell More By Managing Your Time Better!

by Paul Castain on January 30, 2014

There’s nothing worse than ending a day, where there just didn’t seem to be enough hours to get the things done we needed to do.

Actually, I lied, there is something worse . . . having multiple days like that!

And in the spirit of pouring additional salt in your wounds, how about coming off a year where you felt you left money on the table and now, 30 days into a new year you get that “same old sh*t different year” vibe?

Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, little by little, we begin to miss the mark, miss opportunities and our paycheck shows it!

A few months ago, I decided to go back to the drawing board and do a total overhaul on a popular time management course I offered on this site.

For starters, I created it in such a way, that you could view it, at a time that’s convenient for you. I know, brilliant thinking considering this is a time management course!

Next, I decided to show you the 3 key things you absolutely MUST focus on as a sales professional.

These three things will make you or break your success and. . .

I decided not to stop there because that’s just a bunch of theoretical stuff that sounds great in a webinar but lacks real world application so . . .

I decided to show you exactly how to do it and what  will stand in your way when you try to stay on track with managing your time.

You do know there are lot’s of obstacles that get in the way of that great day you just planned right?

I divided it up into (2) sessions and made sure I added a little humor, some fun and some actual homework to help you own these concepts. Yep, I know . . . Castain sucks!

I even created a secret, password protected resource page with additional, well, resources!

It will set you back a whopping $79 which I would imagine will pay for itself mighty fast considering the opportunities you’re missing when your day is taken from you!

Any who . . . I have some great tips for you if you care to invest in yourself.

And if you don’t . . . I’d seriously rethink that this year. It’s holding you back!

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