So there you are, with phone in hand, calling potential customers.

The theme from Indiana Jones starts playing as you dodge assistants, voice mails, Caller ID, people hanging up on you, people telling you “not interested” without ever hearing what you do and then . .

You actually get through to someone!

They listen to what you have to say and you actually have a dialogue. Things are looking good, there’s some degree of interest but for whatever reason, you still don’t get the appointment.

Bummer. Right?

And Now The REALLY Sucky Part . . .

They’ve probably forgotten about you within seconds of that call!

Just think about all the things that are going on in their world.

They are dealing with internal and or external customers.

Lots and lots of work!

How many more calls and voicemails will they deal with that day alone?

FastCompany Magazine says they will be exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages each day.

They will consume 100,000 words of content (University of California, San Diego)

If they are to be considered an average user of email, they will send and receive over 100 emails each day. That’s at least 100 opportunities to forget about you. No?

They will be interrupted an average of 7 times each hour according to Wendy Cole from Time Magazine.

And since a report by the BBC states that the average attention span is 8 seconds;

They’ve probably forgotten about you . . . mighty quick.

So how do you keep in touch in a way that . . .

Doesn’t bore the hell out of your prospect?

Doesn’t condition them to continually ignore you?

That’s why you need to hunt for business more effectively and that’s why I created a really cool, online program to help!

Here’s the plan . . .

In Session 1, we’re going to explore 10 ideas to help you hunt for business differently. I promise that in this session alone, there will be several ideas that will make you think differently about your hunting practices!

In Session 2, we’ll discuss how you can master this thing we call “email”! I have tips that will help you with your subject lines, overall message, how to improve your response rates and a few tactics that will forever change the way you approach emails going forward!

In Session 3, I’m  going to show you exactly how I use “snail mail” (and FedEx too) to stand out and get mucho responses in the process! And no, we’re not talking about massive direct mail campaigns here gang. We’re talking about simple, inexpensive things you can do on your own without that pesky marketing department getting involved.

In Session 4, we need to have a serious heart to heart on how we can marry social networking into your overall sales efforts. I’m going to show you how to listen for important “clues”, how you can stand out and how you can transition your relationships off your computer screen without the conversation “getting weird”!

In Session 5, I’m going to show you how you can use traditional networking to create some pretty powerful relationships. I’ll share some common mistakes (and how you can avoid them) and I’ll even show you how you can jump start conversations and gracefully end the ones that are going nowhere fast!

In Session 6 we’re going to cannonball into the money pool you can create by learning how to get more referrals from your existing business. I’ll show you a system I use that can double and triple the amount of referrals you’re getting. We’ll talk about when to ask for referrals and how to condition your clients to keep giving you more in the future!

In Session 7 We’re going to talk about how you can use creativity to stand out and capture the attention of your prospects. I’ll share numerous real-life examples of what sales reps are using in the field as well as a technique you can (and really should) use with your top prospects!

In Session 8 I’m going to show you how you can work the phone into this entire process and as a bonus, warm up the “cold calls” quite a bit!

In Session 9 you’ll learn 2 absolutely lethal techniques called “mixing” and “mapping” and how you align all of the various “touches” into an effective communication plan.

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Whenever you’d like to attend! How’s that for respecting your busy schedule? Since this is an on demand course, you go at your own pace. Once you sign up, you’ll receive the pre recorded sessions once a week.


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Here’s What You Get . . .

(9) 60-75 minute pre recorded sessions


Additional reinforcement links, eBooks etc

Email access to me during the program to answer any questions, bounce ideas off of etc!

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Prior to doing Paul’s online course I thought that hunting was limited to chasing trucks, doing cold walk ins and making cold phone calls. During the course Paul gave me a tool shed full of different approaches that I can combine to make a cold prospect turn in to a hot buyer. As a result of attending this course my confidence and motivation to get results has never been higher. I highly recommend that anyone in sales who has been selling for some time invest in themselves & spend time with Paul.

Anthony Idle, StarTrack

Thank you so much!  The How to Hunt course has been so valuable in so many ways.  I love all the specific examples you shared – and how you pulled it all together with the communication mapping and time management techniques.  I am certainly armed with a whole new slew of tools and techniques to help me hunt and close deals better.

Tanya Ramakers, Jonas Fitness

I am writing to recommend your sales program – How to Hunt More Effectively.  First of all, I really enjoyed your style and approach to training.  You made the class fun, and I always looked forward to attending.  Second, you “kept it real” – not theory but specific tactics to use to grow business. 

Since fully implementing your program in November of 2014, I have officially doubled the size of my pipeline – real, measurable results.

Of specific importance to me were:

  1. 10 ways to Hunt Differently – great examples on where to find potential leads.
  2. How to Write a Better Email – I’m getting about 50% of emails read (thanks to you, I can track opens and click-throughs).
  3. How to ROCK Snail Mail – suggestions here were great – especially for warming up potential prospects.
  4. How to ROCK Phone Calls – great tips for voice mail
  5. Putting It All Together – I now have a specific, executable strategy.

Lance Carrol, Vanguard Software