Serving A Side Order Of “YOU”

by Paul Castain on December 23, 2011

The worst kind of lesson to learn is the one that you already knew but

knew it so well that you never did a damn thing about it!

I had a reality check yesterday when I received this holiday card from my friend Jamie McClennan from The Seibel Group

Of course I receive this after sending out boring boxed cards but here’s the point

When Jamie sent this card, he served up a side order of Jamie and let’s be honest

Not everyone is going to like Jamie just as not everyone is going to like you or I but

Why would we ever want to barely blend in?

This is a pretty ballsy post for me to put out there the Friday before Christmas when we basically can’t do anything about the cards we just sent out!

That’s because it isn’t a post about Christmas cards . . .

Its a post inviting us all to identify opportunities where we can . . .

Do things a little differently

Take a few more appropriate risks and . . .

Be willing to serve up a side order of YOU (and me too)

Thanks for the lesson Jamie!

  • Joe

    Nice post Paul, when I arrive at the Pearly gates it would be nice to be known by my name instead of you’re just like the guy before. In a custom product, service the customization isn’t just changing it around just for your client, it’s adding a bit more of you.

  • Brian Badillo

    I agree Paul.  I think its conservative leadership that tends to Poo Poo on ideas like this.  I guess it doesn’t mean that as salespeople with personal relationships, we can’t go and do something like this on our own. 

  • Rebecca Lacy

    Having come out of a very conservative corporation, it has taken us years to learn this important lesson. This year we ‘went green’ and didn’t mail out traditional cards. Instead we sent out an ‘ebook’ of a short story that I wrote. The response has been good thus far. We never got thank you notes back for Christmas cards sent, but we have for the story.

  • Jabba

    For something truly different I always like a customized Jib-Jab video card.
    As always “The Castain Train” rolls boldly onwards, showing us all the best track to run on! ; )

  • Mike Calcagno


    You are always a good, no B.S. read regardless of the season or the subject.

  • Marc Zazeela

    I am lucky enough to have received one of these cool cards also. It definitely made an impression and I shared it with everyone in my office.

    Moral of the story.  Be yourself, not someone others think you should be.

  • Jamie McLennan

    Paul, Once again a big thank you for including me in your blog. My family and I have been creating these cards for 16 years since my oldest was one. At first for family and friends and eventually I started to include clients. They are always a big hit and I am asked months in advance what this years card will be and I am still on your mailing list. Lots of good laughs with clients when they receive our card. 
    Happy New Year to all.

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