Should A Sales Rep Be Judged Solely On Their Numbers?

by Paul Castain on February 7, 2014

What would you do if you had a sales rep reporting to you that . . .

Was at or slightly above quota but . . .

You constantly receive complaints from other teammates specifically on how difficult they are to work with.

They try to blow off sales meetings even though they never participate because they’re too busy checking emails.

They never bring in new clients and have become more of an “order taker” with their existing accounts.

They are difficult, uncooperative and on a good day, a bit of a dick.

You’ve tried to address these things with the rep but they get defensive and won’t respond to your direction.

Please tell us what you would do . . .

Would you give this person the boot (or at least begin the process of affixing your boot to their ass) or should a sales rep be judged solely by the numbers?

Please scroll down and weigh in with your thoughts.

  • Bruce Woolf

    I can be a little pissy – but I’m a team player, do my best to get along with everybody, help the new guys and I’m the top selling rep at my company. On the other hand, another rep at our company, a top producer as well, is always negative, difficult to work with and be around and brings everybody down. I wish they would get rid of him.

  • paulcastain

    Thanks for kicking us off Bruce!

    Sometimes a rep like that does more harm than good.

  • Dave Matthews

    Bottom line is this. No matter who the top performer or the bottom dweller you cannot allow someone to disrupt the culture you have in place. Put the necessary corrective actions in place and strap on the boot if necessary. No individual is bigger than the TEAM or the culture you have in place.

  • paulcastain

    Well said Dave.

    Culture should always be at the core of a team.

    A good culture encourages numbers!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • HizItek2cc

    A simple question, if they are ticking off the rest of the team, what are they doing to the customers? If the customers are real happy with him either the rep is bi-polar, a great actor, love’s their job more than working with his/her peers, or is giving the customer something that is not in the play book (I have known some reps who sold product, samples, on the side at a reduced cost to the customer for cash). Whatever it is, it must be discovered to make certain it is not something questionsable, or illegal!


    Dave A

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