Showing Up Sporadically Isn’t A Strategy!

by Paul Castain on July 5, 2011

Pardon me for being direct, blunt and “going there” sans foreplay but . . .

If you aren’t “showing up” on a regular basis, you run a high risk of failing as a sales professional!

And what, pray tell is “showing up”?

It’s all the activities that comprise your sales mix such as

Calling Prospects

Email & Snail Mail

Traditional & Social Networking

Creative Door Openers


Note: When I say “show up” I don’t just mean going through the motions . . . I mean giving each part of your sales mix everything you got!

Sounds like such a basic, “Sales 101” moment we’re sharing here and yet . . .

I see people on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook go hot and heavy, then completely disappear for large chunks of time, only to reappear, rinse and repeat!

I’ve seen the same thing with prospecting ranging from being disciplined for a week or two to putting prospects on a ridiculously light call frequency.

I could bore you with more examples but they will actually move us away from the core of the problem.

Nobody puts “Go off my client’s and prospect’s radar screen” as a To Do item!

We all have good intentions but . . .

We get caught up!

Caught up in responding to things!

Caught up in fires that need to be put out!

Caught up in the administrative “stuff”!

Caught up in the “summertime blues”?

While we hold the activities that drive our revenue hostage!

I’ll leave you with three very quick thoughts to ponder . . .

1)   Take a good look at your “sales mix” . . . are you showing up with it consistently or sporadically?

2)   Do you schedule your “showing up” or does it happen only if there’s time after you get out of “response mode”?

3)   Are you willing to take action on items 1 and 2?

And I know you know this, but what the heck . . .

If business is moving at light speed

And your prospect/client is busier and more distracted than ever

Making cameo appearances won’t get you noticed dude!

Paul Castain coaches sales people and trains organizations to achieve higher levels of performance. For more information, please click here

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