Smart Business After A Major Disaster!

by Paul Castain on November 2, 2012

As many of you know, Hurricane Sandy was no joke!

Lives were lost, homes ruined, electric has been out for several days now, long lines at the few gas stations that still have gas, stores running out of supplies . . . This is what things look like in my neck of the woods!

Want to know how you score major points during times like these?

You out care your competitors!

Chase waived certain fees and extended deadlines on payments and overdraft.

Audible sent a message to their subscribers letting them know that they would reissue credits lost because someone didn’t to use them.

A friend of mine works in a Doctor’s office where they told patients to use their copayments to get by during these tough times and that they would simply settle up on their next visit.

These were simple gestures that didn’t require  emptying the business’s bank account but . . .

I wonder what kind of ROI these businesses will realize in the form of . . .

Customer Loyalty

Word Of Mouth

Expanded Relationships

Want a competitive edge? Out Care your competitors!

You know what?

Sales rock stars know when to seize an opportunity!

Natural disasters aside . . . it’s never a bad time to be empathetic, helpful and do the things that help you OUT CARE your competitors.

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