Stop Complicating Your Sale

by Paul Castain on September 18, 2013

Today’s blog post is actually a blast from the past that I thought needed to be reemphasized.

So I go to the bank the other day and made one of those deposits that makes you feel like you entered the bank to the tune of heavenly harps or in my case Hendrix doing the Star Spangled Banner.

It was a great day for Castain Training Systems!

The lady behind the counter looks at the deposit, looks at me and asks me the coolest question . . . “Do you have plans for this money Mr. Castain?”

For a split second I wanted to respond with “I’m actually a wealthy investor and I plan on approaching the company that manufactures SweetTarts and writing them a check to never defile the sanctity of my candy with those awful green SweetTarts again” but I was way too impressed with her question to embrace my inner ball breaking skills.

I’m sure you realize that she was asking me that question to get me in front of their financial services team.

Freakin Brilliant to the point of me wanting to bow down and acknowledge that there was much I could learn from her.

When I took the time to ponder this rock star, I soon realized that the folks at my local Starbucks must have tapped into these mad selling skills too.

I was exchanging my empty bag of Starbucks for a free cup of coffee when the woman behind the counter asked me “Would you like to upgrade to a larger size?” “Why yes my way cool Barista, I would” I truly don’t know what happened next, but through a series of additional questions and approvals my free coffee cost me $5.50 but here’s the cool part . . . I was too busy digging the experience to really give a damn about the $5.50.

Have you figured it out yet?

It was both the simplicity and the casual execution of those questions that brought them to levels of lethal.

You see, sometimes we overcomplicate things in sales.

We look for the complex close instead of simply asking “Would you like to go ahead with the X-1000 widget?

We take the scenic route when we can just take the expressway and ask if the client or prospect would like to upgrade!

Or worse yet . . .

Perhaps we’ve over complicated things to the point where we simply don’t ask at all!

What are your thoughts?

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