How To Have Better Relationships With Prospects and Clients

Posted January 28, 2018

If you want to have better relationships with your clients and prospects you need to be having BETTER conversations and; If you want to have BETTER conversations with your clients and prospects; You need to be asking BETTER questions. In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we discuss; What great questions do (And … continue reading »

10 Things That Great Questions Do

Posted February 18, 2013

1)    A good question can draw someone inward and . . . cause them to reflect, consider and even do so subconsciously through (get this) the awareness your question has created. 2)    Good questioning allows you to take control of a situation . . . without being controlling! By the way, there’s a huge difference … continue reading »

The Sunday Dinner Test

Posted July 18, 2012

This is a guest post from Derek Hoffman, President of Bellatoris Consulting ME What’s on tap for this weekend? MY WIFE David and Victoria invited us over for a cookout. ME I thought we’re supposed to get a huge storm on Saturday? MY WIFE They invited us over for dinner on Sunday.  It’s supposed to … continue reading »

5 Better Ways To Build Rapport!

Posted March 18, 2012

A sales trainer walks into a room of sales reps and asks them how they build rapport  and guess how they respond? “I generally look around my prospect’s office to see what they are interested in and make conversation based on what I see” You saw that one coming right? Do you think that approach … continue reading »

Do You Take “Assumptive Name Privileges”?

Posted November 16, 2011

An “Assumptive Name Privilege” is taken any time you assume that you know, definitively, what someone wants to be called. Meanwhile you haven’t been told, nor have you asked. It occurs when you turn a Katherine into a “Kathy” or “Kat” Perhaps a Robert into a “Rob” “Robbie” or “R to the O to the … continue reading »

Beware Of The "When In Rome" Trap!

Posted June 1, 2011

Somewhere in the book of clichés is a saying that takes us to Rome and has us doing what the Romans do. You might want to rethink that one! Why? Because chances are superb that you will piss off lots of “Non Romans”! For example: Let’s say you are a tried and true conservative and … continue reading »

Email Free Fridays!

Posted August 18, 2010

Fran walked entered my office with a look on her face that said “Paul you are about to get schooled” or she was in the process of smelling something foul. She closed the door and said “Paul, who are we?” Embracing my inner “smart ass” I said, “I’m Paul Castain, you’re Fran and its OK … continue reading »

The 6 Judgments Of Rapport!

Posted August 1, 2010

It’s time to cover one of the most misunderstood ingredients in the sales process . . . Rapport! I say “misunderstood” because while we all agree that people buy from people they like and trust, we tend to over simplify the process. Example: “I look around the prospect’s office for pictures, trophies etc and find … continue reading »

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