Counting Failures Instead Of Blessings

Posted December 22, 2014

I often reflect on John Lennon’s words “So this is Christmas and what have you done” and feel a tremendous sense of “Not a damned thing John” but the song keeps playing and the world keeps spinning and . . . I begin an inventory of things that I haven’t done, don’t have and sprinkle … continue reading »

In Pursuit Of A Better Weekend!

Posted May 2, 2014

You’ve worked hard . . . now it’s time to play hard and I have two things to help you do that! The first one is a post I did with more than 25 Ways For You To Rock Your Weekend and you can access it by clicking here. The other one addresses something many … continue reading »

Read This Before You Start The Week!

Posted February 16, 2014

Bonjovi once sang “We’re halfway there” in their song “Living On A Prayer!” Remember that as you start the week! Remember that when you miss the mark! Most of all . . . Remember that when you want to give up! You’re (at least) “Halfway There” and typically . . . Much closer than you … continue reading »

What's Your Definition Of Success?

Posted February 9, 2014

Suc·cess . . . The accomplishment of an aim or purpose The attainment of popularity or profit A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity That’s the dictionary’s version of success . . . so just go right ahead and throw it out! It’s meaningless! Dictionaries don’t define success! Society doesn’t define … continue reading »

4 Reasons Why We All Need A Coach!

Posted January 7, 2014

For many years I thought coaches were displaced business folk who needed to pay the bills and then had a revelation that ended with “I know what I can do . . . I’ll coach!” Several  years back I changed my thinking and miraculously enough, my results changed too! Here are 4 reasons why I … continue reading »

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

Posted September 24, 2012

We can be rather hard on ourselves in sales! Some of you might find yourself knee deep in beating yourself up right now, as you approach month end! I have a quick 3 minute audio tip for you with 3 very cool things you can do . . . right now, to turn things around! … continue reading »

The Profitability Of Facing My Failure

Posted July 8, 2012

Just about a year ago, I fell flat on my face with a product launch for my business and quite frankly it hurt! It didn’t hurt my wallet, because I pulled the plug on it before I lost significant amounts of money but . . . It hurt my ego like you wouldn’t believe! I … continue reading »

A Powerful Lesson . . .From Your Remote!

Posted April 26, 2012

Of all the places for us to get a lesson . . . Our remote? Yep and I thought I’d change things up and offer you a valuable lesson via a quick, 2 minute video I shot . . . especially for you. Well sort of, especially for you and anyone who actually takes the … continue reading »

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone Can Pay Off

Posted April 1, 2012

Something very interesting happened at the Castain household on Friday night! My two sons decided to enter a local talent show. I know . . . so what and No, I wasn’t out of stuff to blog about. There’s a lesson if you stay with me for a moment. They entered the talent show and … continue reading »

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