Take 5 For Greater Success!

by Paul Castain on October 12, 2013

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 5!

1)    Find a way to save 5 minutes, 3 times during your day. At the end of the year you will have given yourself a week’s bonus!

2)    If you have a weekly sales or staff meeting, ask everyone to bring 5 cans of food and then donate them to your local food pantry.

3)    What are 5 problems you solve or 5 opportunities you help your clients embrace?

4)    Take 5 minutes a day to write thank you cards and/or show your gratitude (clients, teammates, family, friends etc)

5)    Identify 5 people and ask them for their greatest piece of advice. Gold star if you really listen and open yourself up for their valuable lesson.

6)    Spend 5 minutes “warming up” before calling prospects by calling your own voicemail and evaluating your message from the prospect’s perspective.

7)    Identify 5 people from your online network and send them an email that you would like to have a brief “getting to know you” phone call.

8)    Always take 5 actions that will move you toward your goals, each day.

9)    Begin your day by thinking about 5 things that you are grateful for.

10) Make a bucket list of at least 5 amazing things you want to do before your time is through in this wonderful life.

11) Create 5 different “PS” messages with a gentle “Did you know” feel. Include them in your auto signature to inform folks of additional services you offer. Change your message every 2 weeks.

12) Challenge yourself to come up with 5 creative door openers. Sales Managers: Have a meeting and task everyone to bring with them, 5 creative ways to get in the door.  Sales Reps: Propose this meeting idea to your manager or you can just continue going around the table and talking about everyone’s numbers and exciting stuff like that.

13) Join a social network and commit to staying at it, learning it and giving it at least 5 months.   Then find a way to make 5 people, each week look like rock stars! You’re welcome!

14) Take 5 quite minutes to think about a challenge you are having. Begin your thinking time by asking “In what ways can I (fill in the blank with your challenge).

15) Spend no more than 5 minutes watching the news. While negativity sells for them, it doesn’t serve anyone hoping to keep a positive outlook!

16) Challenge yourself to find 5 creative ways to say thank you to your clients. Here’s one: Get a giant cookie and have them inscribe “Thank you for letting us take a bite out of your business” 4 more to go dude!

17) Make a list of 5 books you are going to read and then spend the next 5 months in the “book a month” club

18) Spend 5 days a week in Automobile University or Airline Academy using the travel time to listen to audio books, self help cd’s etc.

19) Identify 5 people you are most grateful for in your life. Now tell them. They’re going to dig hearing it, trust me!

20) Set a goal of calling at least 5 prospects that told you “No”, went MIA on you or that you may have disqualified needlessly.

21) Spend 5 more minutes in prayer this week and put in a good word for me while you’re at it! We all need a little “spiritual GPS”!

22) Spend 5 minutes with a co worker “sparring” before hitting the phones. You spar by throwing objections at each other.

23) Think about 5 things you are going to do to start conquering the world at home. This may be your most important “5” by the way!

24) Pick up a $5 Starbucks card and hand it to someone on your team who makes you look like a rock star to your clients.

25) Identify 5 things you want to get better at and then spend 5 minutes taking the first step on your self improvement journey!

And what the heck, if you liked this post . . . send it to 5 friends!

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